Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th August 2022 Written Update: Sai takes a stern decision


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavani assuring Sai that they won’t give her baby to Pakhi and request her to bail the latter out of the prison. Sai denies and reminds them about the ill-deeds of Pakhi. She says that she will never let the latter come in front of Vinayak. Bhavani proclaims that even they don’t trust Pakhi anymore and won’t let her come near Vinayak, but for the reputation of their family, they needs to get Pakhi out of the jail. Karishma also states that everyone is making fun of their family in the society group. Bhavani ask Virat to say something, while Sai looks at him.

Here, Virat sits being devastated with his suspension and agrees to Bhavani. He says that he will bear all the consequences of his actions but won’t let his family suffer because of it. He tells Sai that he supported her during her decision of filing complaint against Pakhi because she was right, but now she should agree to get here bail, as it is causing problem to their family.

Sai gets shocked by Virat’s decision and declares that no one can force her to take back her complaint. She states that Pakhi deserves to be punished inside the jail, while Ninad agrees to Sai and says that it will be the decision of the judges that what punishment is suitable for Pakhi.

Elsewhere, Bhavani gets furious and tells that Sai is just causing problems to them. She says that Virat got suspended and their family is facing trouble, only because Sai filed complained against Pakhi without telling anyone. She blames Sai for all the misery, while the latter gets emotional. She reminds them about how they have given Vinayak to Pakhi.

Sai declares that no one from the family member was ready to believe her and that is why she have taken legal action against Pakhi. She cries telling about her fear of loosing Vinayak. She says that she can’t even think of seeing Pakhi near her son, while Devyani also supports her and ask not to bring Pakhi back inside the house.

Ahead, Bhavani realises that she was the one who had brought Pakhi for the surrogacy procedure and worries about getting imprisoned. She falls dizzy while everyone worries about her. Virat shows his concern towards Bhavani while she gets furious at Sai for being adamant. The latter declares that she will take Vinayak and go away from the house, while everyone gets shocked hearing her threat.

Sai proclaims that if anyone will force her to bail Pakhi, then she will leave the house with her son, while Virat gets furious and confronts her. Whereas, Pakhi realises her mistake and says that she deserves punishment for her crimes. She shares her pain with Vaishali, while the latter cries seeing her daughter’s state.

Further, Virat states that he also never want Pakhi near his son but for the sake of his family, he will try to get her out of the jail. He gets into a huge argument with Sai, while Ashwini tries to calm them. She makes Sai understand and request her not to take any inappropriate decision. Virat declares that Sai cannot separate him from his son, while the latter cries. Virat also rebukes Sai stating that she doesn’t the value of family, while the latter gets hurt.

Precap:- Ashwini notify Chavans about Sai’s missing and gets worried. Everyone searches for her but gets disappointed. Sonali questions that where she can go? While they gets shocked learning that even Vinayak is also missing. Virat tries to track Sai and finds that she is going with the baby. Meanwhile, he gets a call and becomes devastated learning that Sai’s bus gets into an accident.

Episode starts with Virat meeting Harish and DIG sir inside their cabin. They confronts him about the surrogacy matter and questions regarding Pakhi’s crimes. Harish states that Virat was present there when Pakhi illegally came for the surrogacy instead of Geeta and he haven’t taken any actions against it. Virat tries to clearify the matter and says that he wasn’t in a state to think wisely at that time and proclaims that the surrogacy procedure was very important to him at that point of time. Meanwhile, DIG sir states that he is disappointed with Virat and tells that he have to bear the punishment for his mistake.

Here, Harish notify Virat that there will be an interrogation about the matter and ask Virat to be present there. He proclaims that till then Virat will be suspended and gives him the notice, while the latter gets shocked. Harish also ask Virat to submit his licensed gun, while Virat feels devastated.

Pakhi recalls her crimes and regrests it. She remembers how she tries to get Virat’s attention and even tried to steal Vinayak from Sai. At that time she imagines herself in front of her, who makes Pakhi recalls her crimes and states that what she had done to her life. Pakhi self-realises about her mistakes and cries finding herself wrong. She proclaims that she have ruined her life by her own hands.

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