Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th August 2022 Written Update: Sai’s stern warning to Chavans


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat and Sai’s argument about Pakhi’s bail. He states that he will do anything to keep his family safe, while she proclaims that she won’t let Pakhi come near her son. She reminds them about the ill-deeds of Pakhi and questions that how can they even think about getting her a bail? She gives them a warning that she will leave the house along with Vinayak, if they try to bring Pakhi back to the house. Everyone gets shocked, while Virat becomes furious at her. He lashes out at her stating that how can she even think about separating them from Vinayak?

Here, Virat says hurtful words to Sai that she never had a family and that is why she doesn’t value them. The latter gets shocked with his statement and gets teary eyes. She gives a befitting reply to him and proclaims that she values family more then anyone as she never had one of her own. She states that she desperately wants Vinayak to grow up in front of all the family members, but she won’t agree to take back her complaint against Pakhi.

Virat proclaims that she don’t have the right to separate him from his son. He also states that even Sai misunderstood her at times but declares that only death can separate him from his family. Sai tells that her father has always taught her to take a stand for truth. She states that she won’t change her decision, while Virat also stays adamant.

Elsewhere, Ashwini tries to solve the matter in between Virat and Sai. She stops Virat from uttering any hurtful words against Sai and ask him to re-think about his decision. She says that their argument can cause life long problem in their relationship and ask them to handle it maturely.

Sai denies to move away from her decision, while Bhavani also states that she won’t let her take Vinayak away from them. She also tells that Pakhi will get bail and will come back to their house. Whereas, Sonali also rebukes Sai and mocks her attitude. She agrees to Bhavani’s decision, while Virat and Omkar goes to bail Pakhi out.

Ahead, Pakhi apologizes to Virat and begs them for forgiveness. She cries and says that she deserves all the punishment, while he faces away from her. They returns back to the house, while Pakhi asks sorry from everyone for her deeds and cries stating that she realised all her mistakes.

Devyani gets furious after seeing Pakhi and ignores her. Whereas, Sonali shows her concern for the latter. She ask Karishma to brings something for Pakhi, while the latter goes upstairs. She gets shocked seeing Sai descending down the stairs with her suitcase and Vinayak. She notify all the family members about it, while everyone gets stunned.

Further, Chavans ask Sai to stop but she reminds about her warning. She states that she can’t be with them who never understands her. She determines to take Vinayak away with her, while Pakhi gets dumbstruck and apologizes Sai for her ill-deeds. She insists to start a new beginning with her and ask her to stay, but the latter denies to trust Pakhi again. Devyani and Sonali also tries to stop the latter and ask her to re-think about her decision as Vinayak needs a family, but the latter still moves out of the house.

Precap:- The bus driver looses his control while all the passengers gets shocked. Sai holds Vinayak tightly and worries about the situation. At that time her phone falls down and she prays for her baby’s safety. The bus falls down the cliff, and Usha gets shocked seeing the news about it. Meanwhile, Ashwini decides to call Usha to find about Sai, while the latter notify thag Sai was about to come there but her bus got into an accident. She apprises Ashwini about the bus falling into the cliff, while the latter gets dumbstruck.


Episode starts with Bhavani assuring Sai that they won’t give her baby to Pakhi and request her to bail the latter out of the prison. Sai denies and reminds them about the ill-deeds of Pakhi. She says that she will never let the latter come in front of Vinayak. Bhavani proclaims that even they don’t trust Pakhi anymore and won’t let her come near Vinayak, but for the reputation of their family, they needs to get Pakhi out of the jail. Karishma also states that everyone is making fun of their family in the society group. Bhavani ask Virat to say something, while Sai looks at him.

Here, Virat sits being devastated with his suspension and agrees to Bhavani. He says that he will bear all the consequences of his actions but won’t let his family suffer because of it. He tells Sai that he supported her during her decision of filing complaint against Pakhi because she was right, but now she should agree to get here bail, as it is causing problem to their family.

Sai gets shocked by Virat’s decision and declares that no one can force her to take back her complaint. She states that Pakhi deserves to be punished inside the jail, while Ninad agrees to Sai and says that it will be the decision of the judges that what punishment is suitable for Pakhi.

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