Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 17th April 2021 Written Update: Sai tells the truth to the neighbours.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 17th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sonali asking Ashwini why does she keep fighting from me. Ashwini tells you all can send Sai out of this house but not from my my thoughts. Sai tells in this house only Ashwini cares about me. Virat asks Pakhi what’s wrong? Pakhi tells everyone to watch outside wjat is.

Virat tells Pakhi to speak clearly,Pakhi tells Sai has gathered everyone outside the house. Sai tells maybe I am wrong,this is what it the members of Chavan family thinks,she asks them to tell if she was wrong? Virat comes out with everyone. Sai tells he learned everything and still he believed in a letter without any address and made his decision. Sai tells Pulkit tried to explain so many times but he didn’t believe him,he didn’t believe his wife because he trusted that piece of paper. Sai tells Ashwini I am only telling the truth,they are our neighbors so till when are we going to hide the truth from them?

Sai tells Bhavani you couldn’t get Pulkit arrested because you did not have any evidence and that is why Pulkit and Devyani got married. Ninad tells Sai to shut up and come inside. Sai tells no one said anything yesterday when I was thrown out of the house at midnight so why do you want me to come inside the house? She tells Virat hasn’t accepted defeat and he still wants to separate Devyani and Pulkit. She tells everyone to ask Virat what prove does he have? The neighbors tell you should complain against them we will support you. Sai tells she doesn’t want to do any complaint.

The neighbors tell we thought you are an educated family but your truth is out today. Bhavani tells you know us since so many years. Virat tells no need to give any explanation to them and asks the neighbors not to interfere in his personal matter. He tells Sai is mental and she needs medical treatment. Sai tells I expected this from a officer a like you. She tells Pakhi doesn’t a leave a chance a to hold my husband’s hand. She should be worried about ber husband but she is always thinking about my husband. The neighbors tell today we found out your truth,they tell Devyani used to be so happy but today her condition is because of you all.

The neighbors tells Sai did the right thing by getting Devyani married. Virat congratulates Sai for doing all this. Sai tells I just wanted to inform you that if you bring Devyani back to this house these people will stand against you. Sai tells none of this is for me,I wanted to return Devyani’s husband and house to her and now she has your blessing so my work is done. She tells even my father was a police officer and he used to tell a police officer uses this inform for public’s help not for his personal gain. She tells the letter against Pulkit is fake,why didn’t Sangita come forward to stop the marriage? Sai tells Virat that letter was written by someone from your family. She returns the bangles Virat brought for her and thanks him for everything he did for her.

Sai tells I hope I won’t meet any member of your family again. She tells Ashwini I will keep meeting you because mother and daughters relation cannot be broken so easily. Sai leaves from there. She comes to her college and tells Usha to inform her if Virat comes here. Sai tells Pulkit is in danger because someone from our office changed his official documents and tells the principal to look into the matter. Sai tells Vinayak that his truth is out in front of everyone,Sai tells my husband IPS Virat will asks you himself. Vinayak confesses and tells one man gave me money to change Pulkit’s wife’s name. The dean tells Vinayak to bring Pulkit’s original document. The episode ends sith Virat reaching Sai’s college.

Precap – In the upcoming episode,Virat holds Vinayak by his collar and asks him to tell who told him to change the documents. Vinayak shows a picture of Omkar to Virat.

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