Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th June 2021 Written Update: Sai refuses to attend anniversary function without invitation


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai telling Virat that if he was in her place he would have told the same. Virat smiles. Sai tells Virat to stop talking. She tells him to go to sleep. She gets back to study. Virat tells her it’s late night she should not up. She should sleep. Sai doesn’t listen to him and says you have problem with my studies too.

Virat scares her with a fake ghost story. He says theres a banyan tree outside. One witch lives there. He doesn’t believe in all these but people say like that. Later Sai gets afraid and goes to sleep. Virat says Sai is strong, why is she getting afraid. Sai tells him not to speak and falls asleep holding his hand. Virat caresses her hair.

Pakhi talks to Bhavani. She says she invited everyone through sending messages as last night due to the situation she could not talk to them regarding her parents anniversary. Bhavani says Pakhi cares for the family a lot. Pakhi says she will stay in her maternal home for two days. Ninad tells Pakhi not to stay there for long, else they will miss her. Pakhi gets happy and says she will come back soon.

Ashwini congratulates Pakhi and asks her parents should not have arranged a big party as Samrat is missing people can gossip. Pakhi says Samrat is missing or he is running away from his responsibilities that he only knows. Noone told Samrat to join duty a day after his wedding. It’s not her parents’ fault, why will they suffer for him or stop themselves from celebrating anything. Bhavani cheers her up. Ashwini says its her fast so she can’t attend.

Bhavani says she has to attend, she can skip the food there. Pakhi says her parents will wait for her. Mohit also says he can’t attend as he has to rehearsal for the play. Pakhi says if attending the party was his concern he would have shifted the rehearsal. Mohit says sorry. Bhavani forces him to go. Bhavani asks if Pakhi informed Virat. Pakhi says Virat will go if he has time. Bhavani says Sonali and Karishma went to the parlour. Sai comes and reveals Pakhi didn’t invite her.

Pakhi says she forgot. Yesterday after all the drama she thought of going to Virat’s room to invite Sai but she stopped herself thinking Sai will again taunt her for going to their room. Sai says you always create such situations when I feel the need to answer you and then you consider it as your insult. Sai says she would have thought of attending if she had received the invitation earlier but now it’s not possible, she can’t skip the classes.

Pakhi says she knew it, Sai won’t attend even after getting the invitation. Sai says it’s you thinking I can’t change that. Virat comes and Pakhi asks him if he wants to come or he will make excuse like others. Latter replies he will attend with Sai after coming back from the duty. Pakhi says Sai refused to come. Pakhi thinks if Virat knows she didn’t invite Sai he will misunderstand her. Sai lies about it.

Mohit tells the truth to Virat that Pakhi didn’t invite Sai. Virat asks Pakhi why she is inviting Sai in last moment. Pakhi says she is telling the truth she completely forgot. She later taunts Sai that she wont disobey Virat’s words, she will go with him to attend the party for sure. Virat says after marriage a married couple should attend every function together. So Sai is going with him. They will be bit late. Sai says she doesn’t want to go. But Ashwini tells her to come back from college early, she will get ready too.

Precap- Sai gets ready and Virat teases her. Sai later decides to gift a saree to Pakhi’s mother which someone gifted her on their wedding. Virat agrees.

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