Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th March 2021 Written Update: Bhavani fishy moves


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th March 2021 Written Update On

Sonali tells when will Karishma return from work and I will get rest. Karishma tells I wanted to surprise you so I didn’t inform you. Bhavani asks where is Sai and when has she called Pulkit? Devyani is excited and asks opens the door and starts looking for Pulkit. Sai tells Pulkit is not here yet,she tries to calm to Devyani. Karishma asks Sonali what is this new twist in the story? Sonali tells it is a long story and I will tell you later. Ninad tells where will Pulkit go,he is a fraud so he may have ran away. Bhavani tells I know both of you don’t agree to my decision of meeting Pulkit but that doesn’t mean you will say anything.

Sai tells she has informed Pulkit that Virat found evidence against her. Bhavani tells I am giving another chance to Pulkit so why would he run away? Omkar tells because he doesn’t have any evidence to prove his innocence so he has ran away. Ashwini tells Omkar and Ninad not to talk about Pulkit in front of Devyani. Ninad tells Pulkit doesn’t deserve any chance.

Bhavani tells Ninad and Omkar not to speak against Pulkit or Devyani’s condition will worsen. She tells if Pulkit is honest he will definitely come to meet me. Sai tells she got a message from Pulkit but the message is sent by the kidnapper. Sai tells the message say I won’t meet Bhavani. Bhavani asks why doesn’t he want to meet me when he is getting a chance to prove himself? Sai tries calling again but the kidnapper keeps rejecting the call and switches off the phone.

Ninad tells Mohit should learn to act from Bhavani. Bhavani tells I was not acting what did you both think? Both of you haven’t understood me yet,no one can see my true side and starts laughing. Bhavani tells only I know how I controlled my laughter and acted to cry at that time. Omkar tells she made a full proof plan. Bhavani tells I won’t even let people realize that she is following my orders. I will prove her wrong in front of everyone and after that entire family will consider Pulkit a cheat and fraud.

Omkar tells she has took every step very carefully. Bhavani tells all this is necessary to control the house and give checkmate to the opposition. Flashback shows Omkar bribing the officer to show Virat the documents with Sangita’s name. Bhavani tells Sai would have find out about Sangita sooner or later so I made this plan and Virat’s absence is best for us. I acted to give Pulkit another chance and on the other hand I got Pulkit kidnapped to prove him a fraud. Bhavani tells her further plans to Ninad and Omkar.

Sai tells Madhuri I tried calling Pulkit so many times but he is not returning my calls. Madhuri tells even I am worried about him. Sai tells I got a message from him and I believe him but what am I going to tell family members. I am just worried that we may loose the one chance that Bhavani gave us.

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