Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th April 2021 Written Update: Virat realises his mistake


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai picking up the call of mausi. She walks out of the immediately and says she called her on right time as Virat will be coming to the office in the meantime. Virat asks about the document. One person comes with original document. Virat gets shocked seeing Pulkit’s original document. Virat sees the wife’s name is different. Devyani name is written. He interrogates the person and that person reveals someone offered him money to the change the documents.

Virat asks who is that? That person shows the picture of the money giver. Virat gets shocked seeing Omkar’s photo. Virat realises his mistake and says because of this fake document he committed a huge mistake. That lady says is he talking about Sai? She praises Sai because of her bravery. Virat thinks he doesn’t know Sai will be able to forgive him or not. She proved her innocence but he misunderstood her.

Virat goes outside and recalls how he insulted Sai. Virat tries to call Sai but he gets to know Sai’s phone is switched off.

Virat goes to Pulkit’s house. Pulkit asks Virat he has come finally. Devyani gets restless. She stands between Virat and Pulkit. She tells Pulkit to get inside as Virat can get them separated. Virat says he won’t arrest Pulkit. He gets emotional and says he is here to apologise to Devyani and Pulkit. He calls Pulkit “Jijaji”. Devyani gets excited and dances happily as he called Pulkit Jijaji. She takes Virat in her house. Pulkit asks what happend suddenly that Virat won’t arrest him. Virat says it was a huge mistake from his side.

He says to Pulkit that you stayed away from Devyani for so long but still you kept loving her. Devyani feeds Seera to Virat saying Pulkit made it for her. Devyani asks about Sai. She asks why hasn’t he come here with Sai. Pulkit and Devyani ask about Sai. Devyani asks is she fine? She was not treated badly right? Virat recalls how he threw Sai out of the house after calling her cheater? Devyani gets shocked. Devyani gets angry and says Virat is very bad. Sai is good. How could he do this to her? Devyani says she won’t talk to Virat. Pulkit asks now where is Sai?

Virat says he has no idea , she came to back her maternal home maybe. Pulkit says Virat could have waited for at least morning. Virat says I was really worried for Devyani. Pulkit says at heat of the moment he did so wrong. Virat says I deserve to get punishment. Pulkit says now what about Sai’s studies. How will she manage. Devyani again gets mad at Virat. Virat says he doesn’t even know how to ask for apology. Pulkit tells Virat to meet Sai and apologise to her. Virat tells now he finally believes that Pulkit is right choice for Devyani. He thanks Pulkit for accepted Devyani.

Devyani says Virat also loves Sai so he won’t listen to anybody. As his family always tries to separate him from Sai. Virat will find her. Virat says he doesnt know how will he convince Sai after all this. Pulkit says but you need to do it. You will bring back Sai. Virat looks determined.

Precap- Chavans asks Virat why he didn’t come here with Devyani. Why he didn’t arrest Pulkit. Virat reveals someone in the family has trapped Sai. Sai is innocent. Chavans get shocked.

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