Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th August 2022 Written Update: A misfortune for Chavans


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat getting shocked learning about Sai and Vinayak’s tragic accident. He rushes to the spot and keeps searching for them. He shows the picture of Sai and Vinayak to everyone and ask about them, but everyone denies to see them. He spots Vinayak’s bag and recalls the moment when Sai had left the house along with their baby. He gets shattered and cries. Meanwhile, Virat again gathers courage and resume searching about them. He ask the doctors as well as the people who came to help the victims, but doesn’t get any information about his family.

Here, Chavans gets worried about Sai and Vinayak. They all cries remembering them, while Devyani assures that everything will be fine and Sai will soon return back tk their house. Meanwhile, Sai gets consciousness and starts searching for her son. She feels dizzy still keeps walking and ask other passangers about Vinayak, but everyone replies negatively.

Sai gets shattered and sees a dead body of a child. She sits their and gathers her courage to see the face. She cries being devastated and denies to accept that her son died. Meanwhile, Virat also remembers his fight with Sai and cries feeling pain. He then moves away from there and spots Sai’s saree piece stuck with a dead body who had been burned.

Elsewhere, Virat thinks that Sai died and breaks down. He remembers his good memories with Sai and keeps crying, whereas Sai falls unconscious in front of a doctor and she takes her inside the hospital. Sai again regains her consciousness and gets panic thinking about Vinayak. She rushes away from her bed and starts searching for her baby.

The doctor comes near Sai and tries to hold her. She insists the latter to take rest as she is weak due to injury. Sai denies to stay calm until she finds her baby and questions the doctor that if she had seen him? To which the doctor replies that the baby is perfectly fine. She notify Sai about her being pregnant and states that her unborn baby is totally fine.

Ahead, Sai gets shocked learning about her pregnancy and remembers how her health wasn’t well since few days. She cries holding her stomach and questions God for her fate. At that time she imagines Virat in front of her blaming her for Vinayak’s death. She gets shattered and takes a drastic step.

Virat notify his family about Sai’s death while everyone gets shocked. They all breaks down and cries for her demise. Virat performs the last rituals for Sai, while Pakhi also gets shattered. Virat becomes numb thinking about loosing Sai and recalls their happy moments.

Further, after some years Sai’s daughter Savi stands in front of a tree and sees a snake. She wishes for her father to come, while at that time Sai comes there and scolds her daughter for going near snakes. She tells that it can harm her, while the latter ask about her father and states that she wants him. Sai gets emotional and makes Savi understand that she is only her mother as well as father.

Precap:- Virat talks to Vinu while the latter notify about going to a camp. Virat questions him that if he will be able to stay there without him? To which Vinu replies positively. Whereas, the principal ask Sai to be there legal doctor for the kids of the camp. She notify that the kids are coming from Nagpur school, while Sai gets silent. Meanwhile, Virat decides to surprise Vinu and states that he can’t live without him for long. At that time he sees Savi’s message for her father that when he will come back and feels sympathy towards the kid.

Episode starts with Sai leaving the Chavans house, whereas Virat closes the door and prohibits everyone from talking to Sai. Meanwhile, the latter cries thinking about her decision and then becomes emotional seeing her baby. She then calls Usha and notify her about the matter. She questions if she can come to her along with Vinayak and insists her for help in raising her baby, just like she helped her father in raising her. Usha gets shocked finding about the matter and tries to make Sai understand about her mistake. She states that the latter haven’t done right by leaving the house, while Sai replies that now it too late to think about that.

Here, Usha agrees to help Sai and assures that the house is always open for her. Sai shows her gratitude towards Usha and then goes to the bus stand. She takes the ticket and gets inside the bus. She tries to handle Vinayak as he keeps crying, whereas Virat gets shattered by Sai’s decision.

Virat sees his photo with Sai and Vinayak. He becomes emotional and keeps staring at it. But, suddenly he remembers Sai’s decision and separates her photoframe. He also sees the toys of Vinayak and cries. He misses his baby and Sai but also gets furious at her for taking such huge decision. He starts shattering her things and throws all her clothes from the cupboard.

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