Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th June 2021 Written Update: Sai refuses to go to the party without invitation


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat telling Sai after marriage they should attend every event together. Ashwini says so its final Virat and Sai will attend together. Ashwini aunts Pakhi saying she should have dropped a message in family group. But she didn’t. Now Sai is going with Virat. Your plan failed.

Ashwini makes Sai wear Saree. Sai says she is not in mood of going, Pakhi didn’t even invite her. Ashwini says she should not talk much, Virat wont wait for her after returning from duty. Sai gets angry and says noone listens to her, why will she go without invitation. Ashwini says when I came after marriage, I had noone to share my feelings, atleast Sai has Virat who respects her feelings. Ashwini adds Virat stood up for Sai today. Sai adamantly says noone understands her.

Virat and Pakhi had a fight earlier that’s why he took stand for me. Ashwini stops her from blabbering. She makes her wear jewels and says I am like your mother, I have the right to scold you. Sai gets emotional and hugs her. She says because of Ashwini she didn’t miss her mother. Sai shares her feelings that Usha Mausi is not her biological mother, she gets angry over small things, she can’t control her anger. Sai says that’s why noone likes me and blames me all the time.

Ashwini hugs her and says Sai is pure hearted and she shows her anger only to hide her weakness. Ashwini tells her not to feel alone. She compliments Sai that she is looking very pretty. Sai says not at all. Virat enters and he looks at Sai. He starts teasing her after seeing her look. Sai tells Ashwini I told you I am not looking good. Virat calls her Fulmati and Sai gets annoyed. She unties her hair.

Ashwini says she is now fed up. Do what you two want to do. I am going. Sai gets into argument with Virat that why he came here and passed comment on her look. She didn’t even want to attend the party, he only forced her. Sai is about to tie her hair but Virat says let it be, open hair suits your wild personality. Sai says so you also want to call me by those weird names, like Junglee. Sai says she doesn’t want to go as he didn’t take her permission before saying yes.

Virat says means she doesn’t want to go to the party. He leaves saying as you wish. Sai gets shocked and shouts that nobody understands her. Virat comes back and Sai agrees. Sai says she wants to gift a Saree to Pakhi’s mother which she got as a gift in her wedding. Sai wraps the Saree and Virat stares at her. Sai asks what is he seeing? Virat goes to get ready, Sai says you wasted your time already , now hurry up.

Precap- Virat reveals he is going on the mission. He can’t forget his duties. Sai says what if something happens to you. She gets worried.

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