Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th March 2021 Written Update: Bhavani is successful in her plan.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th March 2021 Written Update on

Sonali asks Bhavani how much longer is she going to wait? Karishma tells Omkar was telling he is scared and and ran away. Sonali tellls even we are scared that her condition might worsen while waiting. Sai tells Pulkit’s phone is off. Karishma tells people are correct,time changes quickly. Shivani asks if she doesn’t have any other number? Sai tells even Madhuri doesn’t know anything about it. Shivani tells when Pulkit has clearly mentioned in the message that he won’t meet Bhavani so why are we waiting for him?

Devyani tells when will Pulkit come? When will I get married,now even my mother is ready to get me married. Bhavani tells my daughter’s life is at stake so why is this Pulkit making us wait and where is he? Bhavani tells I was giving him a chance to prove himself so why isn’t he coming?

The kidnapper gives Pulkit’s phone to Omkar. Ninad tells we could have fallen in trouble if our messages were found in kidnappers phone that is why we came here and sent the message ourselves. Bhavani gives Sai deadline for bringing Pulkit.

Bhavani reads the message of Pulkit, it says now he won’t come in front of anyone from Chavan family as they find out my truth that I married Sangita Deshpande. Chavan family insulted me a lot and always considered me a servant and I fell in love with Devyani because she talked nicely with me but I wanted to take revenge since they kicked me out of this house. I wanted to give a lesson to Bhavani Chavan and that is why I showed my desire to marry Devyani but now I am scared of Virat so I am stepping back,I don’t love Devyani and I won’t marry her so don’t bother me again.

Devyani starts weeping. Bhavani asks Sai does she has anything left to say? She tells you brought that fraud back in our house and you were challenging everyone to get him married but see Devyani’s condition now. Bhavani tells Sai even she is responsible for Devyani’s condition. Sonali tells she is not in situation to say anything.

Shivani tells even I want to ask you why you brought that Pulkit in Devyani’s life? Devyani asks is Pulkit someone else’s husband? She tells Sai why is she silent? Sai starts crying and Devyani goes out of control. Ashwini tries to calm her down,Bhavani brings Sai outside Chavan Nivas and tells I can’t throw you out of the house because Virat is not here but now I am deciding that you won’t meet or talk with Devyani after today.

Ninad brings doctor. Devyani is out of control and the doctor gives her an injection to calm her. Sai tells she just wanted to bring hapiness back in Devyani’s life. Omkar tells Sai to leave from here and have pity on Devyani’s condition. Ashwini tells Sai to listen to Omkar,she tells today Devyani’s hope broke so don’t cry and let Devyani rest for today.