Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st April 2021 Written Update: Virat tries to confess his feeling for Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Virat tries telling Sai about his feelings but is unable to say. Sunny says now he has to do something that will bring strength and allow Virat to say his feelings. Sunny tells the halwai that someone is calling him with sweets and mixes some powder in the bhajiya. Sunny makes Virat eat it and tells it was made specially for you and this bhajiya will help you. Virat feeds the bhajiya to Sai also. Virat and Sai gets intoxicated and she tells Virat is not saying anything. Sai says I am stubborn and rude. Virat tells yes you are all this but I was not saying that. Sai feeds him bhajiya and he feels spicy and asks for water.

Omkar prepares two special bhaang glasses for himself and Ninad.Sai brings Omkar’s glass for Virat which is also mixed with bhaang. Virat tells Sai why is earth shaking? Sai tells you are shaking,Virat tells everyone is shaking. Someone pushes Virat and bhaang splashes on his face.Sai cleans Virat’s face and Pakhi watches all this from far.

Virat and Sai stare at each other romantically. Sunny tells Virat today is Holi so he should dance.Sai makes fun of Virat’s dance and tells dance is an art and you don’t know this art. Omkar and Ninad drink bhaang. Bhavani asks did they mix anything in the drink? Sunny brings bhajiya for them and Bhavani tells it is very tasty. She gets intoxicated too.

Bhavani calls Pakhi and asks her to sit and tells this bhajiya is different and feeds it to Pakhi. Bhavani gets emotional and tell she is missing Samrat a lot. She tells Pakhi that she wishes Samrat will return back soon and her life will also be filled with colors.She keeps feeding Pakhi bhajiyas. Virat holds Sai’s hands and tells these bangles look very beautiful on you. He tells I like you a lot.

Sai asks do you like me a lot? Virat tells no I like you a loooot. Ashwini asks Sunny what is Virat doing? Sunny tells he is trying to tell his feelings to Sai. Barkha Rani comes in a car and everyone starts staring at her. Usha asks Ashwini who is she? Ashwini tells she is Barkha Rani,she will dance and make everyone groove to her steps. Sonali says now everyone will dance.

Bhavani tells Sonali not to be jealous it is Holi. Sonali asks is her jealousy visible so clearly? Bhavani tells every Holi Barkha comes and dances and you get jealous,look at Ashwini she is so calm. Sonali tells why would there be jealousy when they don’t even have a relation? Barkha Rani starts performing on the stage and Virat joins her. Sai thinks it is her dancing with Virat. Virat gives an amazing performance with Barkha and everyone claps for Virat and Barkha. Sai thinks what is happening to her and why is she thinking about Virat like this,she wonders if she is also falling in love with Virat.

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