Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st August 2022 Written Update: Karisha instigates Sai against Pakhi and Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat confronting Sai about their argument and tries to solve it. He says that he was just worried for Pakhi and their baby and that is why got upset with Sai. He insists to resolve their fight, but she taunts him for believing Pakhi. He gets confused with her behaviour and reminds her about the situation. He says that the latter was feeling low and that is why went to Samrat’s orphanage in Mahabaleshwar. Sai questions if Virat isn’t feeling suspicious about Pakhi’s behaviour? To which he looks confused.

Here, Sai says that she feels it was all Pakhi’s plan to fulfill her wish. She tells how Pakhi was adamant to make her change the decision of taking her signature. She says that the latter was waiting for the moment to keel her condition and come back to the house, while Virat says that he still feels Pakhi was depressed and that is why went to get some peace.

Sai says that Virat got fooled by Pakhi and ask him to look around him with clear mind. She says that she can’t believe Pakhi, while Virat reminds that how Pakhi came forward to help them and says that she was interested to carry their child and will never regret the decision on try to harm their baby.

Elsewhere, Pakhi calla Virat while Sai mocks him and ask to pick the call. She warns him that it is just the starting of Pakhi’s ploy and ask him to be aware. He takes Pakhi’s call while the latter ask him to come inside her room. He rushes there while Sai feels frustrated. Pakhi demands to go out to get fresh air with Virat but he denies stating that it isn’t good for her or the baby.

Pakhi gets irked with Virat and proclaims that he is behaving like Sai. She gets out of the bed and says that she will herself go out alone, while he gets concerned for her and agrees to take her for a night out. They both went to an ice-cream vendor and eats their favourite flavour. They gets into a conversation while having their icecream.

Ahead, Pakhi tells that they will daily come to have an ice-cream while Virat agrees to her stating that he will fulfill all her wishes which will make her feel happy. She taunts Sai while he takes a stand for his wife and tries to make Pakhi understand her perspective, whereas Sai waits for Virat and Pakhi to return.

Karishma and Sonali instigates Sai against Pakhi and Virat and ask the latter to be careful, while Sai says that she have full faith on Virat. Karishma and Sonali enjoys the drama, while Sai goes back tk her room but feel dizzy. Sonali confronts Sai and ask if she is fine? To which latter assures her. Meanwhile, Virat gives icecream to Sai but she feels nauseous.

Further, Pakhi gets cold after eating the icecream while everyone looks after her. Karishma taunts her for having late night icecream, while Sai goes to make herbal drink for Pakhi. At that time Sai feels nauseous and dizzy. She rushes to her room, while everyone gets shocked. Virat and Ashwini tells about Sai’s symptoms to Bhavani, while the latter predicts that Sai is pregnant.

Precap:- Pulkit checks Pakhi and tells that the baby is perfectly fine and is out of danger too. Everyone gets elated while Pakhi taunts Sai stating that since others starts taking care of her instead of Sai, everything gets fine. Sai was about to leave the room, when she feels dizzy. Ashwini gets worried for her and proclaims that she is showing symptoms of a pregnant women. Everyone gets elated hearing about it, while Pakhi becomes shocked.

Episode starts with Virat getting shocked seeing Pakhi standing on the edge
of the cliff. He shouts her name and runs to save her. Whereas, Sai also
follows him and confronts Pakhi. The latter gets stunned seeing them, while
Virat shows his concern towards Pakhi and the baby. Sai questions the latter
for trying to suicide along with their baby, to which Pakhi denies their
assumptions and replies that she just wanted to get out of the house to take
some fresh air. She proclaims that she was feeling trapped inside the house and
so came to Samrat’s orphanage in order to feel his presence.

Here, Virat ask Pakhi that why she didn’t notified them about it, to which
the latter accuses Sai for torturing her and says that she didn’t allowed her to
go anywhere out of the room. She states that she was feeling suffocated inside
her room and so sneaked out without informing anyone.

Pakhi also tells Virat about Sai and Ashwini’s conversation that the latter
was determined to take her signature on the papers. She says that Sai always
makes her feel insulted in front of everyone and so to avoid her she left the
house. Virat scolds Sai for her behaviour towards Pakhi and questions why she
again talked to Ashwini about the papers.

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