Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st March 2023 Written Update: Virat slaps Ajay


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashwini comforting Pakhi. She says she will confront Sai with her questions and Sai has to answer all questions, if she answers them then she will stay here otherwise she has to leave. Pakhi looks on. On the way, Virat says to Sai she is driving nicely. Sai recalls how Virat taught her to drive. Sai says some kadoos taught me good driving. Virat asks her to give respect to the guru and stops blaming me for things I didn’t do. Sai says sorry for misunderstanding him. Virat asks why sorry. Sai says I thought you revealed to Pakho that Vinayak is our son but later finds Jagtap revealed to Pakhi. Virat asks what is in shock. He says Jagdap increased the issues and why he did it. Sai says it’s ended so leave. She stops the car at her hospital. She asks Virat to go to the station safely and leaves.

At the police station, Virat asks Chavan about inquiry. Chavan and others smile seeing an earring on Virat’s shirt. Virat asks them what happened. Chavan shows him the earring on his shirt. Virat realises it’s Sai’s earring and says it’s fun for you guys but it’s a good moment for him. Ajay Kamble comes there. Virat hides the earring in his pocket.

Ajay Kamble asks Virat why he is showing love on him and why he called him to the station. Virat asks him why he threatened Sai. Ajay says he doesn’t know that Sai is his ex-wife. Virat asks if he doesn’t know when he applied ash to Sai. Ajay says I know about her act made me do it. Virat slaps him and asks him to leave the issue. The lawyer comes there with anticipatory bail. Ajay says he will take his revenge on his enemies during Holi.

At home, Savi makes constables do a drill. Sai tries to stop her but the constables say they like it. Sai goes inside and sees Ashwini. Ashwini says she bought an air cooler for Savi. Sai thanks her for thinking about them. Ashwini says you’re not thinking about them. Sai asks what she means. Ashwini says I supported you when you were wife to Virat but now Pakhi is Virat’s wife and you’re another woman in Virat’s life and stop creating a rift in Virat’s relationship with Pakhi. She requests Sai to not break Virat’s house and requests her to forget Vinayak as she has Savi. Sai says you hurt me with your accusation and I’m not going to pick one from my kids as I love both and I didn’t come here to snatch my baby and I came here to make my baby understand and take him from here. Ashwini says Pakhi can’t become a mother and she feels Vinayak and Virat are her life and living for them so don’t break her house and house, it’s a request from Pakhi’s mother. Sai looks on.

Pakhi hangs Sai’s earring on the wall. Everyone comes there and asks why she is doing it. Pakhi says to everyone I have hung this earring on the wall so that whenever Virat happens to see it then a smile will bloom on his face and he will lose in his memories. Everyone looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat goes to Sai’s house. Sai eats candy floss in tension and tells him that she doesn’t need his concern and care. Virat says he cares for his kid’s mother. Sai says he is getting hate because of him and asks what he did to remove hate for her from Vinayak’s heart.

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