Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st October 2022 Written Update: Virat breaks down in front of Pakhi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 1st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai deciding to leave Nagpur and takes the tickets for Kankauli. She recalls the past when she lost her son Vinayak and becomes emotional. She then controls herself and goes towards Usha and Savi. The latter ask her about Vinayak and Virat, to which Sai gets frustrated and ask her daughter not to question her. She orders her to sit inside the bus silently, while Savi gets upset and says that she wants to meet Vinayak. Sai was about to rebuke Savi, when Usha stops her and makes Savi understand about the matter. She convinces the latter and sits inside the bus.

Here, Sai gets teary eyes and gets flashes of her past incidents. Whereas, Pakhi looks after Vinayak and talks rudely with Virat. She questions about their flight timing to reach abroad for Vinayak’s treatment, while Virat realises his mistake and drops all the tickets and boarding pass. He gets teary eyes and questions Pakhi that where can he find Sai?

Pakhi gets elated after hearing Virat and faces him. She ask him to look after her in the bus stand and worries that she might have left. She ask him to hurry up, while he leaves from there and calls the bus stand to find about the timing. He drives the car fastly and tries to chase the bus. He reaches bus stand and learns that the bus has already left.

Elsewhere, Virat tries to overtake the bus while Sai keeps thinking about her life. “Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin” song plays while Virat finally stops the bus and gets out of his car. He goes inside the bus and tales Sai’s stuffs and ask her to get out of it. She gets shocked seeing him and moves out in order to rebuke him. She ask Savi and Usha to stay inside the bus only, but they also follows her out.

Sai gets restless and scolds Usha and Savi for getting out of the bus, while Virat makes them sit inside his car. He keeps their luggage and orders Sai not to create any drama. She rebukes him and faces him fiercely, while he proclaims that he is not the same Virat whom she left. He declares that he can do anything for his child and ask her to treat Vinayak.

Ahead, Sai says that she came to treat Vinayak only but Virat created an issue. He replies that he never wants her near his son, but is helpless to do so. Whereas, she blames him for their son Vinayak’s death. He gets furious at her but controls his anger. She tells him about her conditions to go back with him. She tells that he won’t talk about their last relationship, as it is already over, as well as he will never interfere in her personal matter. He agrees to her conditions and takes her back to the hospital.

Ashwini scolds Pakhi for her decision of calling Sai. She says that she is creating trouble for herself, while the latter replies that she only cares about Vinayak’s treatment. She says that she can understand Ashwini’s care towards her and tries to console the latter. She assures that everything will be fine. Mohit also shows his concern towards Pakhi while she assures him that her decision won’t be wrong.

Further, Vinayak misses Savi while the latter comes to his cabin and he gets surprised. She learns about Bhavani blocking her number and decides to teach her a lesson. Chavans also comes there while Sai mingles with Vinayak and gives him confidence to get well. He becomes motivated by her, while Virat goes out and Pakhi follows him. He scolds her and ask if she wants him to appreciate her idea, to which she says that he is a great father. He becomes emotional and hugs him, while Sai sees them from aside.

Precap:- Pakhi ask Virat to select jewellery for her, while at that time Sai also comes there. She gives her ring to the manager and ask about it’s price, as she wanted to sell it. Virat notices her and intentionally announces about her marriage anniversary with Pakhi and adorns her neck with a necklace. Sai leaves the ring and goes away stating that it doesn’t have any values left, while Pakhi picks the ring and looks at it.

Episode starts with Pakhi taking a stand for Sai and proclaims that only the latter can treat Vinayak. She apologises to Chavans for bringing her without their permission but states that she is doing it for the betterment of Vinayak. She insists them to take a right decision and becomes emotional. Whereas, Sai recalls that how she gets convinced to come to Nagpur. She gets flashes of finding her and Virat’s picture with their son Vinayak and gets teary eyes remembering his death. She blames herself for her son’s death and then decided to help Vinayak to rectifying her past mistake.

Here, Sai notified Usha about visiting Nagpur along with her and Savi. Usha questions about the sudden change in her decision, to which Sai replies that she wants to treat Vinayak and then will shift to Shimla along with them. Whereas, Virat denies to take Sai’s help and ask her to leave from there.

Ashwini also lashes out at Sai and ask the latter to leave them alone. She proclaims that she don’t want her in their life anymore, while the latter feels hurt hearing Ashwini’s words but still controls her emotions. She stays firm on her decision and says that she just wanted to treat Vinayak and then will leave from there.

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