Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th November 2022 Written Update: Virat takes a promise from Bhavani


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Bhavani cutting Savi’s hair in the name of a ritual. Whereas, Harini taunts her for showing drastic changes towards Savi. Bhavani fakes a smile and tries to handle the situation. She says that she is just completing an important ritual and was about to go from there along with the hairs, but Sai stops her. She confronts the latter and ask her to give the hair. She proclaims that she will throw it in the river to complete the procedure, to which Bhavani denies to give it to Sai. She states that she will do it on her own, while Sai glares at her and becomes suspicious.

Here, Sai starts exposing Bhavani and proclaims that the latter is taking the hair sample to conduct a DNA test on Savi. Bhavani denies all the allegations and states that she is just taking it to complete the ritual. Sonali proclaims that if she is taking the hair to perform black magic on Savi and then Sai’s revelation makes her realise that Bhavani wanted to bring out the truth about Savi’s family.

Ashwini says that Bhavani won’t do such things and shows her trust upon the latter.. Virat also proclaims that he have faith on Bhavani as she won’t do such cheap stuff. He goes towards the latter and ask her to give the hair to him. He assures that he will throw it into the river safely. Bhavani moves her hand and denies to hand it over to anyone.

Elsewhere, Bhavani reveals her intentions and says that she don’t trust Sai. She continues that she can’t accept Savi as her granddaughter until and unless she runs a DNA test on her. She accuses Sai to have a bad character and proclaims that she don’t believe that Savi is Virat’s daughter. Everyone gets shocked hearing her allegations.

Sai takes a stand for herself and lashes out at Bhavani. She says that Bhavani haven’t changed at all and have the same mentality. The latter also rebukes Sai and questions on her character. Virat gets furious at Bhavani and ask her to stop. He proclaims that she don’t have any rights to insult Sai or Savi. He takes a stand for them and declares that Sai never lies.

Ahead, Virat speaks in favour of Sai and proclaims that Savi is his daughter and he knew it. He takes a vase and tries to hurt himself but others tries to stop him. He takes a promise from Bhavani that she won’t try to conduct any test on Savi in future. The latter unwillingly gives the promise to Virat, while he also ask her to apologise to Sai for insulting her.

Bhavani tells Virat that he is like her own son, but denies to fulfill his wish to apologize Sai. She glares at the latter and declares that she will never ask sorry from her. She confronts Virat and says that bringing Sai and Savi to their house was a mistake but he didn’t heard her warning. She says that they all have to bear the consequences. Meanwhile, Sai shows her gratitude towards Ashwini and Ninad before taking a leave from there.

Further, Ashwini stops Sai and insists her to go after eating the food. Virat also convinces her, while she denies but let’s Savi have food with them. The latter gets special treatment from Chavans while Vinayak gets ignored. Pakhi feels bad for him and serves him all the things. Meanwhile, Savi made Sai sit in front of Virat and states that they all are a family now. She insists them to have food from the same plate, while Pakhi looks at them being hurt.

Precap:- Virat gives a paper to Savi while she ask about it. He makes her open it while Sai reads it and finds it to be the admission form of Savi’s new school. Virat tells that Savi will also go to the same school as Vinayak as it’s the best. Sai confronts him and scolds that he have taken a decision without her consent, while he tells them that he appointed the interview with the principal for Savi’s admission on the next week. He also tells that he appointed a tutor who will teach Savi about the interview, while Sai questions that if he is doubting her teaching skills and proclaims that Savi can easily clear the interview. She ask him to keep it the next day while he agrees and challenges her teaching.

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