Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Virat misses Vinayak


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai reminding Savi to brush her teeth and takes her to the bed to make her sleep. The latter demands to tell a story to Sai, while she hears her daughter carefully. She keeps her work aside and ask Savi to start her story. The latter starts narrating a story of dinasours and states that one day the baby dinosaur gets separated from her mother and father. At that time Usha comes there and sits along with them. She smiles seeing the bond of Sai and Savi. She also starts paying attention to the story, while Sai ask Savi to continue the story. The latter tells that a police office helps the dinosaur to get United with her parents.

Here, Savi shows her fondness towards being a police office and says that she will also become one, when she will grew up. Sai smiles hearing about her passion and then makes her sleep. Usha tells that Savi is just like her father and no one can deny that she got the courage from him. She states that anyone can tell that she is the daughter of a brave police office, while Sai gets upset.

Sai moves away from there and remembers how Virat mistreated her. She gets flashes of her past and ask Usha to stop talking about it. She tells the latter that she decided to move away from Nagpur and came to Gadchiroli only because no one knew her here. She states that she started her new life with her daughter and doesn’t want her past to interfere in it.

Elsewhere, Sai says that she wants to forget her past, while Usha replies that she can ignore or hide it but can never forget it. Sai goes away from there getting furious at her old memories. Meanwhile, Virat sees Vinayak’s photo and misses him. He says that he wants to meet him as soon as soon and proclaims that he can’t even spend few minutes without him.

Virat and Sai looks out of their window from their respective houses. Meanwhile, Savi along with Sai reaches her school. The principal questions Savi that how she finds Sai as a teacher, to which the latter replies that she really enjoys reading from her mother. She praises Sai, while the Principal also appreciates Sai for teaching the kids so well, to which the latter says that it’s Savi’s hardwork that she is doing well in her class.

Ahead, a peon takes Saj along with him to give the map of the campus. Whereas, a teacher discuss with the principal that Sai is overqualified for their place and she needs to be somewhere in higher place. The principal agrees, while the teacher ask that where is Sai’s husband as she has never seen him, to which Principal also gets clueless.

Vinayak reaches the campus in his school bus. Some boys makes fun of his disabled legs and bullies him, while the latter gives them a befitting reply. Savi sees them from aside and gets furious at the bullies. They pushes Vinayak down, while Savi comes there and warns them to complain about them to the teachers. They gets scared by her and runs away from there, while she helps Vinayak to get up and both introduces themselves to one another.

Further, Savi takes Vinayak to Sai and assures that she will cure his legs. Vinayak couldn’t able to walk properly and falls on Sai, while she feels an unknown joy. He tells his name, while she remembers her discussion with Virat about their son’s name. Savi and Vinayak ask Sai to cure his leg, while she smiles at him and gives them an advice to never forget his passion. She ask him to keep dreaming his goal, till he achieves it, while he shows his gratitude towards her and goes away.

Sai starts her teaching class and tells the women’s that maths will help them to do their counting while buying anything. At that time their husbands comes there along with the MLA Gulabrao. They rebukes their wifes and prohibits them from studying, Sai protests against them, while Gulabrao threatens her.

Precap:- Savi writes a message for her father, asking that when will he come? Whereas, Usha tells Sai that one or the other day she will have to tell the truth to Savi, to which the latter replies that she shifted there only to keep Savi away from her past. Meanwhile, Virat sees Savi’s message on the tree and feels sympathy for the child. He writes a reply there and tells that her father will soon come back to her. He prays to the God in order to grant her wish, while Savi smiles looking at him from aside.

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