Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Ashwini vents out at Sai.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd March 2021 Written Update on

Ashwini tells when all the members of the house are telling you Pulkit is not a fraud. I and Virat were standing on your side but after Sangita’s letter Virat investigated and proved it was true. You denied it but could you prove Pulkit’s innocence? Sai tells Bhavani told me to call Pulkit. Ninad tells Sai went and informed Pulkit about everything.

Sai tells I am saying Bhavani is ready to meet Pulkit but if Pulkit actually wanted to take revenge he would have used this situation but instead there are suddenly two texts in which he is accepting his mistake. Don’t you all find anything strange in this? Sai tells Pulkit is texting his entire plan but why can’t he receive the call and talk for one minute?

Ashiwni tell Sai I have always supported you but today your stubbornness is wrong today you just want to prove yourself right. She tells Sai to believe the proves against Pulkit. Sai tells I am only thinking about Devyani’s happiness. Ashwini says and what do you think are we Devyani’s enemy? Devyani’s condition is very bad and we might have to admit her in hospital. Bhavani tells Sai you won,I will apologize to you with folded hands please stop meeting and thinking about my daughter.

Ashwini shouts at Sai and tells her not to speak anything,she tells only a mother can understand her child’s pain and today Bhavani is feeling the pain and she will take care of her daughter. Ashwini tells Virat brought here to become a doctor so do your studies and let the elders decide the house affairs. Bhavani is glad that now Ashwini is standing against Sai.

Usha tells Sai I know you are hurt by seeing Devyani in this condition. Sai starts crying and tells she has broken,Ashwini scolded me for the first time and talked to me like I don’t have any right in the affairs of this house. I just want that Devyani’s condition improve. Usha tells Devyani’s condition is worsening because of your stubbornness. Don’t become wrong in your family’s eyes for proving a stranger right. Sai thinks how can I show to everyone that this is not my stubbornness but my love for Devyani.

Pulkit regains consciousness and tries to escape but falls down. The kidnapper comes and makes fun of him. Pulkit tells he will give them 10 lacs but let him go because someone is waiting for him. The kidnapper tells even police is waiting for us and greed is bad. Pulkit tells to leave him he will give them more money but they tie him to the tree again. Pulkit thinks he has to inform Sai and Madhuri about my condition because Devyani might be waiting for me.

Ninad tells today Ashwini scolded Sai it was nice. Bhavani tellls you did this,you made the impossible possible. Ninad tells I did what you asked me to,I held her hand and this was her reaction. Bhavani tells Ashwini is hungry for love. Omkar tells till when are we going to keep Pulkit like this and after we leave him what if Pulkit tells Sai everything? Bhavani tells I have a solution to this problem and I will tell you when the right time comes.

Karishma overhears everything. Omkar asks since when was she standing here? Bhavani scolds her and asks her to leave. Sai tries to meet Devyani once but Shivani and Usha tell her to stay away from her. Usha tells her there is no need to find Pulkit. Aniket calls Sai that someone is towing Pulkit’s car. Sai thinks one thing is clear that Pulkit is stuck somewhere and there is something very wrong and I have to find out the truth.