Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Sai finds Pulkit’s car and assumes he has been kidnapped.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd March 2021 Written Update on

Sai brings Madhuri to to Pulkit’s car. Ankit finds Pulkit’s wallet and bag inside the car. Madhuri tells whenever Pulkit leaves the car he takes his wallet first,he must be in some trouble if his wallet is here. Sai tells what if someone picked up Pulkit for forcefully? Sai tells his car is like this on road and someone is sending messages from his phone or someone is forcing him to send them.

Madhuri asks do you mean someone has kidnapped Pulkit? Ninad asks Ashwini where is Sai? Bhavani asks did she go to Pulkit’s house to meet Madhuri? Ankit tells we should complain to police,something wrong might have happened with Pulkit.

Ashwini calls Sai and asks her where are you? Sai tells her she found Pulkit’s car,she tells that Pulkit’s car was on road since two days and it is clear that Pulkit has been kidnapped. Bhavani whispers Ashwini to ask Sai where is he? Ashwini tells Madhuri and Pulkit are playing with you and acting so I am requesting you so please come back home. Sai tells I am sure now that someone has kidnapped Pulkit and I will return home after filing a complaint. Omkar tells if police gets involved they might reach us while investigating.

Bhawani tells we have to stop Sai from reaching police station anyhow. Ninad tells the kidnapper that Sai is going to police station. Dadu tells now you can relax,I will manage everything. The kidnapper tells Pulkit to record a voice message for him or he will kill him. Sai reaches the police station with Madhuri and tells we just need to file a missing complaint and I know the DIG personally. The kidnappers give an injection to Pulkit and ask him to cooperate or they will harm his family.

Sai gets a voice note from Pulkit and tells I don’t want you to reach me and Devyani’s chapter is closed for me and I have told repeatedly that I can’t come infront of you and I request you to not involve police in this matter. Madhuri tells why is all this happening,why would Pulkit do all this? Sai wonders if Ninad and Omkar were telling the truth? Sai decides not to file a police complaint.

Omkar tells our plan could have got ruined because of that car. Dadu tells he was paid to kidnap Pulkit not to take care of the car. He asks for more money and he will take care of the car. Dadu gets drunk and Pulkit’s phone falls on the ground from table. Sai returns home,Ashwini asks are you ok?

Bhavani tells you are this family’s head.She went to police station without informing the elders. Sai tells she didn’t find a complaint because she got a voice confession from Pulkit. Ninad and Omkar asks so do you believe us now? Sai tells I cannot decide who is right and who is wrong I just want Virat to return and find out the truth.