Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Sai takes a big decision


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Virat sitting outside the principal’s office along with Savi and Sai. He motivates his daughter to be confident and encourages to give all the answers. Whereas, she assures him that she will perform her best. He gets tensed for her while Sai calmly sits there noticing them. Meanwhile, the Principal calls them inside her cabin for the interview and they greets her. She addresses Sai as Virat’s wife but the latter introduces herself and tells about their separation. They gets seated while the Principal starts taking Savi’s interview.

Here, Savi confidently answers all the questions of the Principal while the latter calls Savi towards herself. She ask that what are the things which Savi knows? To which the latter replies that she have knowledge about everything. Virat gets worried for her and tries to interrupt her now and then in order to make sure she doesn’t blurt out something wrong.

The Principal ask Virat not to interrupt and states that she wants to check Savi’s knowledge. Sai glares at Virat and signals him to be silent. The principal keeps asking Savi higher grades questions and the latter even answered those. Everyone gets impressed by the latter including Virat. The Principal praises them for teaching Savi so much and proclaims that she can easily get admission in higher classes and states that she can even become Vinayak’s classmate.

Elsewhere, Virat gets elated hearing the news and instantly agrees to it. He shows his happiness in front of the Principal and thanks her, but Sai denies the offer. She says that she doesn’t want Savi to be Vinayak’s classmate. The principal ask that if she wants Savi to start from the basic? To which Sai denies and replies that she won’t let Savi study in that school.

Virat and the Principal gets shocked hearing Sai’s decision, while Virat tries to stop her. They both gets into an argument, while he tries to convince her. She stays firm on her decision and proclaims that she wants to put Savi in that school in which she can pay the fee herself. The Principal ask that if Sai doesn’t take child support money from Virat? To which the latter denies and proclaims that she have raised her child alone and will do the same in the future, as she doesn’t need any financial help.

Ahead, Sai goes out of the room stating that her child will study in the same school as of them, as they also haven’t studied in common schools. She goes away from there while Virat apologizes to the Principal for Sai’s behavior. He then confronts the latter and scolds her for taking Savi’s decision without his consent. She reminds him about doing the same. She tries to make him understand that Savi can learn better when she will be in an ordinary school. She gives their examples to Virat while he ask that where she got Savi admitted.

Sai smiles at Virat and replies that Savi wanted to become like him, so she got her admission in his school. He becomes elated and smiles while Sai leaves from there. Savi meets Vinayak while he ask that if she did well in her interview? To which she replies positively. Vinayak ask Virat that if Savi will get admission, to which the latter stays silent. Meanwhile, Bhavani proclaims that Savi will never get admission in such reputed school.

Further, Ashwini and Ninad shows their excitement for Savi’s admission and brings gifts for her. Whereas, Bhavani gets furious but they takes a stand for Savi against the latter. Virat also comes there while Bhavani and Sonali taunts about Savi not getting the admission, to which he replies that the latter cleared the interview. Everyone gets shocked hearing it while Pakhi looks at him being tensed.

Precap:- Pakhi meets Sai in the cafe and apologises to her for calling in urgency. She reminds Savi that Virat is trying to send Vinayak to same school as of Savi and proclaims that she have problem with that. Sai states that she tried to talk to Virat bit he isn’t ready to listen to her. Pakhi states that she can’t let her son gets sandwiched in between them, while Sai ask that what she can do? To which Pakhi ask her to leave Nagpur along with her daughter. She states that Sai can go anywhere she wants and assures that she will provide all the expense. Meanwhile, Sai sees Virat and takes his name, while Pakhi turns and sees him glaring at her after hearing their conversation.

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