Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 24th September 2022 Written Update: Chavans gets shocked learning about Sai and Savi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 24th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai looking after Savi and thinks about all the happenings. She gets tensed and tries to make Savi sleep. At that time she finds out that the latter is suffering from high fever. She becomes concerned and starts treating her daughter. Whereas, Vinayak misses Savi and thinks about his happy times in Kankauli. He decides to call the latter and dials her number, but Sai doesn’t receives his call and ignores it. She gets teary eyes seeing her daughter’s state and tries to down her fever. Whereas, Vinayak goes down stairs and sees his grandparents sitting together.

Here, Ashwini along with Ninad, Sonali and Bhavani looks after Vinayak and pampers him. They showers love to him while he keep missing Savi. He goes towards the photo gallery and sees the pictures of his family. He looks at his phone and notices his photo with Savi and Sai. He takes a decision to print it and post in their gallery.

Vinayak goes towards his parents room and sees them arguing with one another. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is his past and she is her present and future. He assures her that he will never leave her and proclaims that Sai is dead for him. Pakhi gets shocked and stays silent hearing Virat’s words while Vinayak goes towards Harini’s room.

Elsewhere, Harini keeps watching her laptop while Vinayak ask her for a help. He questions that if she can help him to print a photograph? To which she happily agrees and tells him the procedure. He takes her laptop and does all the work on his won and prints out his photograph with Savi and Sai.

Vinayak then puts the photograph on the frame and hangs it in the gallery without letting anyone notice it. Whereas, Harini comes to the dinning table and Bhavani starts scolding her. They both gets into an argument and the latter was about to leave the table, when Virat comes there and Pacifies Harini.

Ahead, Harini agrees to Virat’s request while Mohit taunts Karishma and ask if she will join them or not? She ignores him whereas, Harini notices Sai’s photo and gets shocked. She notify it to everyone while Chavans gets dumbstruck. Virat becomes furious and Pakhi takes Vinayak inside his room.

Virat breaks the photo frame and notify that Sai is alive and Savi is her daughter. Bhavani denies to believe it while Ashwini breakdown. Virat lashes out at Sai, while Omkar scolds Mohit for hiding the truth. Virat tells that Sai is living happily in Kankauli and she has already moved on in her life.

Further, Pakhi tries to make Chavans understand and takes a stand for Sai. She proclaims that the latter helped Virat and Vinayak and also treated them. Whereas, Bhavani speaks against Sai and Virat proclaims that she is dead to them.

Whereas, Ashwini shares her pain with Bhavani and Sonali. She declares that she can never forgive Sai, whereas Jagtap goes inside Savi’s room and wakes him up. He tries to change her mood as she was suffering from fever. Sai tries to protest and ask him to stay away from Savi, but the latter ignores her.

Precap:- Sai gives rose to Savi stating that the latter loves it, while Savi gets elated and hugs her mother. She then gives it to Vinayak stating that he is her best friend, while he also gets happy and thanks her. He then gives it to Virat and ask if he won’t give it to Pakhi as it is her birthday? To which Virat gets confused, while at that time Pakhi comes there and sees the rose in his hand. Vinayak hides behind the chair and smiles looking at his parents.

Episode starts with Virat taking a decision to return back to his house immediately. Mohit and Pakhi tries to make him understand that he isn’t fit to travel, but he gets adamant to leave Kankauli. They finally agrees to his decision and tries to calm him down. He praises Pakhi for her calmness, while Sai hears their conversation and feels hurt. Virat leaves from there in order to check the car, while Pakhi notices Sai and goes to have a conversation with her. She confronts the latter and shows her gratitude for treating Virat and Vinayak, to which the latter states that she is their doctor and just did her job.

Here, Pakhi tries to talk to Sai regarding her life, to which the latter advices Pakhi not to take Virat back to Nagpur in such a fragile state. She proclaims that he needs rest and won’t be able to travel for such a long time in an injured state. Pakhi gets concerned for Virat, while the latter comes there and hears Sai’s advice.

Virat gets furious at Sai and tells her not to interfere in his life. He declares that he don’t even want to stay near her for even a second and glares at her. She gets teary eyes hearing his hurtful words, while Pakhi tries to stop Virat. He holds Pakhi’s hand and drags her away from there and takes her towards the car.

Elsewhere, Vinayak states that he wants to wait for Savi as he needs to meet her before leaving, to which Virat prohibits him and proclaims that it is better to stay away from her. Vinayak gets sad, while Virat gets inside his car along with his family and leaves from there. Whereas, at that time Savi comes there on her own.

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