Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th March 2021 Written Update: Sai plans to find out about Pulkit.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th March 2021 Written Update on

Sai calls Madhuri and tells her that Pulkit has been kidnapped and he is being kept in some forest inside a cage. She tells I have made the kidnappers believe that I am on their side so they are going to make some mistake. Madhuri asks how are we going to do all this?

Sai tells we won’t go to police,we will find about him ourselves. She tells Madhuri to do as she says. Omkar asks Bhavani that now Sai is on our side so what are we supposed to do with Pulkit? Bhavani tells we will keep him for a few more days so that he never thinks about Devyani again. Omkar asks what if Pulkit tells Sai that we kidnapped him? Ninad tells how will he prove anything and now even Sai won’t believe him.

Bhavani tells she is thinking what if Sai saw the video that Pulkit sent? Ninad asks Sai touched your feet and asked forgiveness. Bhavani tells that is why I can’t believe she is on our side,do you remember Sai created a huge scene when we asked her to touch guests feet. Omkar tells Sai doesn’t have brain like you to do this much planning. Ninad tells Bhavani to stop worrying because Sai won’t think about supporting Pulkit after today.

Pulkit thinks how is Harini and he hopes Sai saw his messages and realizes that he has been kidnapped. Sai tells her plan to Madhuri and asks her to follow it and if someone see her to introduce herself as Sai’s college friend Neha. Madhuri tells Sai that you believe in this plan and I believe in you. Bhavani decides to visit temple in morning. Suddenly her window breaks with a stone and there is a letter inside her room. The letter says that I need one crore to keep Pulkit kidnapped and he will reveal everything to police if he didn’t receive his money.

Bhavani calls Ninad and Omkar and tells Dadu is blackmailing us and asking for one crore. Ninad tells we made a deal in 5 lacs. Omkar tells I will call him now. Bhavani tells we won’t call him now or he will use the recording to blackmail us. Ninad tells we kidnapped Pulkit just to scare him and our prestige will be in ruins. Sai listens to all this and receives a call from Virat but decides not to tell him all this on his training or he will come back.

Bhavani tells Ninad and Omkar to talk with Dadu. Ashwini gets a call from Virat and asks how is his training and when will he return? She asks did you talk with Sai? Virat tells he called her but she didn’t pick up the call. Ashwini thinks she maybe worried so didn’t pick up Virat’s call.

Ashwini tells Sai I can understand what you are feeling and asks Sai to forget everything. She tells Sai not to tell all this to Virat now or he will get worried. Virat asks Sai how is she and tells he didn’t knew she was missing him so much and teases her. Virat apologizes to her for not informing her before leaving.

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