Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th November 2022 Written Update: Pakhi disapproves Virat’s decision


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Virat trying to explain his perspective to Pakhi but the latter denies to let Vinayak change his school. She stays firm on her decision and proclaims that she will do anything for the bright future of Vinayak. She tells that she won’t compromise with her son’s education only because of Virat. Whereas, the latter tries to explain her that he is doing it for the betterment of his kids. He proclaims that both Vinayak and Savi will be happy to have one another in the same class.

Here, Pakhi shows her disinterest in Savi’s matter and ask Virat not to bring her in between their family. She tells that she will fight till she can for her son and proclaims that she won’t let Virat play with Vinayak’s life. She states that he already started paying more attention towards Savi and declares that she won’t let Vinayak suffer because of him. She determines to stay firm on her decision and then leaves from there.

Virat gets confused by Pakhi’s behavior and questions that why she feels he doesn’t love Vinayak. He states that the latter his own son and he do cares for him. Meanwhile, Pakhi sees a nightmare in which Savi requests Virat to stay with them but the latter denies stating that he will have to leave. Savi gets upset with Virat and ask if he only her father in the papers?

Elsewhere, Sai tells Savi that Virat have his own family and he will have to return back to them. She tries to convince Savi along with Virat, but the latter starts being rebellious. She keeps demanding Virat to stay with them, while the latter finally agrees. Vinayak tells that he will also stays with them, while Savi gets elated and proclaims that her family also got completed.

Virat and Sai hugs their kids and both also gets close to one another while suddenly Pakhi wakes up from her dream and gets restless. At that time Vinayak comes there and ask her about her decision. He questions that whether she will let him take admission in Savi’s school or not? He shows his excitement to join the latter’s school, while Pakhi gets furious and scolds him.

Ahead, Pakhi sends Vinayak out of the room after lashing out at him. Whereas, Ashwini sees it and gets inside her room. She confronts the latter and says that she is doing wrong. She reminds her about how she scolded Vinayak and rebukes her for her behavior. She ask Pakhi to look after herself and then goes away from there while the latter gets teary eyes.

Savi gets ready in her school uniform while Usha and Sai becomes elated. Sai then shares her concern with Usha and says that Virat’s decision will bring havoc in their life. She proclaims that he always does it, first with her and now with Pakhi. She shows her concern towards Pakhi and states that she can feel her situation. Meanwhile, the latter calls her and ask to meet. Whereas, Ashwini and Bhavani gets into a conversation. The latter says that it’s good Pakhi has realised her mistake and wishes for Sai and Savi to go out of their life.

Further, Vinayak and Virat eats ice cream while the latter complains that Pakhi scolded him without any reason. Virat tells him about the matter and says that she is upset because of him. He then enjoys the ice cream with Vinayak and ask him not to worry about the situation. At that time he sees Sai and Pakhi coming there and gets shocked, while they didn’t noticed him. Pakhi shares her worry with Sai while the latter agrees with her. Whereas, Pakhi requests Sai to leave Nagpur along with Savi.

Precap:- Sai gets inside Chavans house and shouts at Virat to come out. He gets frustrated and confronts her about the matter. She challenges him to tell the truth about their relationship to her daughter and ask him to also tell that why he left her because of Pakhi. Virat glares at Sai while everyone looks at them. She declares that he will have to follow her conditions if he wants to meet Savi. She tells that he can only meet their daughter one day in a week and that is on the weekend. Whereas, she also gives him the paper in which she has written all the conditions for him to follow.

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