Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th August 2022 Written Update: Vinayak and Virat returns back to Chavans mansion


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi pampering Vinayak as he returns back from the campus. Whereas, Virat gets inside his room and sees the picture of his and Pakhi’s wedding. He then puts his stuffs on his side of the bed and starts changing his outfit. Meanwhile, Pakhi also comes there and immediately turns away seeing Virat. She was about to go from there, when he stops and ask her to stay stating that it’s her room too. She faces him and sits there looking at their pictures, she gets teary eyes but controls herself. She then questions him that if he will go to bring Lord Ganesh’s idol for the festival? To which he replies positively and says that he only brings it everytime, then this time also he will only go.

Here, Virat goes out of the room giving a direct reply to Pakhi while she gets sad and engages herself in work. Whereas, Savi insists Sai to get her ready fast, while the latter laughs and ask her to stay still. She fixes Savi’s hair and ask her to go. The latter sees Jagtap coming there playing drums and gets elated. He shouts her name, while she rushes towards him and starts dancing.

Sai along with other women’s stands inside the house to welcome Lord Ganesh’s idol. Usha states that she can’t believe it’s the same Jagtap, who used to be so evil. She proclaims that he is totally changed now, to which Sai agrees. Meanwhile, Virat also brings the Lord idol along with Vinayak, while the ladies of Chavans smiles seeing the excitement and stands there to welcome them.

Elsewhere, Pakhi performs Virat’s puja as he holds the God’s idol. He gets teary eyes remembering his moment with Sai but controls himself. He gets inside the house and places the idol on the temple. They starts the puja and everyone gets involved in it except for Karishma. She keeps laughing seeing her phone, while Mohit gets irked by her behavior and ask to concentrate on puja.

Karishma avoids Mohit’s advice while Sonali ask Omkar to perform the puja, but he gets furious and declares that he will do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Sai also performs the puja and everyone praises that her idol is the best decorated among the rest of them. Savi insists Jagtap to come inside their house, but he stays outside and assures that he is fine.

Ahead, Usha looks at Sai and insists her to forgive Jagtap, but the latter remembers how he killed Samrat and denies to let him come inside her house. She proclaims that he is fine outside, while Savi goes towards him and they starts enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, Savi places Lord Shiva and Parvati’s idol near Lord Ganesha and proclaims that now they are happy family. She reminds Usha about her father’s message which he left on the tree, while Sai gets sad.

Savi prays to God in order to send her father to her. She proclaims that she always prays for it and assures Usha that time time her father will surely come. Usha feels bad for Savi and advice Sai to tell the truth to her, but the latter denies. She proclaims that Savi have to live without her father and she have to accept it. She proclaims that she won’t let Savi find about her past.

Further, Pakhi gets concerned for Vinayak and ask him to sit but he denies. He then remembers something and opens his bag to bring Lord Shiva and Parvati’s idol. He puts it near Lord Ganesh and says that it is given by his friend Savi. Pakhi smiles hearing the name, while the picture of Sai and Savi comes out of Vinayak’s bag.

Precap:- Ashwini tells Virat that she always prayed that he will forget the last which pains him. Whereas, Sai states that she has forgotten Virat and have thrown him from her life. She proclaims that he never tried to find her and states that their relationship was dead way before the accident.

Whereas, Virat tells Ashwini that he knows Sai is no more, but he still can’t come over her memories. She cries and tries to make him understand, while Sai declares that she will never tell Savi about Virat. The latter hears their conversation and questions that who is Virat? Whereas Usha and Sai gets shocked.

Episode starts with Sai getting inside Gulabrao’s office. She confronts him for trying to kidnap Savi and gets furious at him. She ask him to stay away from her daughter and gives an open warning that if he again tries to harm Savi, then she won’t leave him. Gulabrao smirks and proclaims that she won’t be able to do anything to him, as he is the MLA. He proclaims that he have enough power to save himself, whereas he ask her not to come on his way orelse she will have to pay for it. She gets angry at him and gives him a last warning, whereas he talks about her husband. He says that he haven’t seen her ever with her husband, while the latter gets anxious.

Here, Gulabrao notices the change in Sai’s behavior after hearing about her husband and starts talking about him, while she lashes out at him and proclaims to teach him a lesson. She goes away from there after giving a glare to him, while he smirks and ask his mens to find about Sai’s past. He says that there is something related to her husband and decides to use it against her.

Virat tells Vinayak that he wanted to meet Savi’s mother but couldn’t able to see her due to the circumstances. Meanwhile, the principal comes there and states that she works there only and will reach in few minutes. Virat and Vinayak gets excited to meet Savi before going away from there, while Sai takes Savi towards the school in her cycle. The latter ask Sai to ride fast as they were getting late, at that time the chain of rhe cycle breaks out and Sai starts repairing it.

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