Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th March 2021 Written Update: Sai looses track of Ninad and Omkar.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th March 2021 Written Update on

Sai tells Virat that she is tired. Virat tells he will return before Holi. Sai calls Madhuri but she doesn’t pick up the call. Ashwini watches her leave the house. Madhuri asks Sai why wasn’t she picking up the call? Two people left in a car. Sai tells she got a call from Virat and asks Madhuri how are we going to find Pulkit sir now? Madhuri tells I have kept my phone inside the car with live location turned on.

Sai tells now we can take a cab and easily follow them. Milind stops by and asks why are they waiting at road at such late hours. Sai and Madhuri sit in Milind’s car and tells Pulkit is in trouble and asks him to follow Ninad and Omkar’s car. Ashwini tries calling Sai but Sai doesn’t pick up the call so she decides to inform Bhavani. She tells Bhavani that I saw Sai leaving with some lady. Bhavani tells when I loose patience I will break you daughter-in-law’s bones.

Bhavani calls Ninad and tells Sai has went somewhere,she tells she is afraid that Sai maybe following her. Ninad stops the car and waits for Sai. Sai wonders if they are doubting her. Omkar and Ninad tell let us first take care of Dadu and we will talk about Sai after returning home. Ninad closes the back door of car and Madhuri’s phone falls out of the car. Sai keeps following Madhuri’s phone and losses track of Ninad and Omkar.

Madhuri finds her phone lying on the ground. Sai tells now how are we going to find Pulkit? Omkar and Ninad tells Dadu why is he demanding more ransom? Dadu tells he didn’t send any letter and if he wanted to blackmail he would have called. He tells maybe you have some new enemy who knows that you have kidnapped Pulkit. Omkar and Ninad thinks if Sai threw the letter. Sai tells Madhuri to leave for home as Harini might be alone and what if she wakes up in midnight and gets scared? Madhuri tells Sai to take care of herself.

Sai decides to free Pulkit at any cost,she gets a call from Virat. Sai tells I cannot fall asleep tonight,Virat tells are you in forest? Virat tells I felt like you are in some kind of trouble,are you ok? Sai tells she is ok. Virat tells today my training is getting over so I am returning back tomorrow. Sai tells when you return there maybe a big explosion at house.

Virat tells only you know what you are trying to say but I will tell you what I do when I am in trouble,I look at the moon and try solving the problem from another prespective. The problem looks much smaller compared to the moon. Sai gets an idea and cuts his call. She stands in front ot a tree and thanks Virat for his idea.

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