Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th November 2022 Written Update: Virat lashes out at Pakhi and Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Pakhi meeting Sai while Virat spots them and gets confused. Pakhi shares her worry with Sai and tells her about Virat’s decision to enroll Vinayak in Savi’s school. She proclaims that she isn’t happy with his decision and asks for Sai’s help. The latter gets confused and ask that how can she help her? She also shows her concern and states that even she is not happy with Virat’s decision regarding their kids. She questions Pakhi to which the latter replies that she wants Sai to leave Nagpur along with Savi and Usha. She ask her to go back to her place so that everything will get solved.

Here, Sai hears Pakhi’s wish and looks at her calmly. She reminds the latter that she was the one who brought her to Nagpur in order to treat Vinayak. She reminds Pakhi about her decision while the latter says that she remembers everything but that time the situation was different.

Pakhi gets teary eyes and states that she will always be grateful to Sai for helping Vinayak to walk on his legs. She states that she always appreciate and gives credit to Sai for treating Vinayak but proclaims that at that time she wasn’t aware of Savi being Virat and Sai’s daughter. She continues that many truths gets unfold in the short span of time which shocked everyone.

Elsewhere, Pakhi says that even Sai can feel that Virat will keep taking decisions for their kids which won’t be beneficial for them. She proclaims that he won’t understand his mistake and tries to convince Sai to accept her deal. She tells that she will provide all the financial help to Sai and ask her to go anywhere she likes.

Sai reminds Pakhi about the promise given to Virat. She states that he took a promise to keep Savi near him and reminds about his warning. Pakhi gives a sarcastic smile and says that Virat himself never fulfills his promises. She recalls the promises given by him to her and ask Sai also to remember all his promises which he never fulfilled.

Ahead, Pakhi ask Sai to think about the betterment of their kids while the latter finally agrees and says that she can understand Pakhi’s concern. She states that Pakhi is right and their life will get tangled if they stays near each other. She decides to move on from there. Pakhi gets elated and promises to give money to her.

Sai gets furious and proclaims that she doesn’t need her money. She states that she can handle her daughter, while they makes a deal. At that time Virat comes there and glares at them. He brings both of them out of the restaurant and lashes out at Sai. He gives a warning to her that if she thinks about separating Savi from him then he will tell the truth to the latter and then she will come to him leaving Sai. He glares at Pakhi and proclaims that he will talk to her inside their house.

Further, Virat scolds Sai for her decision while Pakhi tries to interrupt but he stops her. He takes Pakhi to the car and mocks her in front of Vinayak. Meanwhile, Sai gets frustrated recalling Virat’s warning and starts throwing bricks on the wall. At that time Virat comes there while she lashes out at him and proclaims that he can never separate her from Savi. She holds his collar and rebukes at him.

Precap:- Sai gets inside Chavans house and shouts at Virat to come out. He gets frustrated and confronts her about the matter. She challenges him to tell the truth about their relationship to her daughter and ask him to also tell that why he left her because of Pakhi. Virat glares at Sai while everyone looks at them. She declares that he will have to follow her conditions if he wants to meet Savi. She tells that he can only meet their daughter one day in a week and that is on the weekend. Whereas, she also gives him the paper in which she has written all the conditions for him to follow.

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