Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2021 Written Update: Pulkit tells Sai to forgive Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai witnessing Usha and others’ sad faces. Sai says I need your blessings. Everyone says Sai will reach heights. Usha gets emotional saying how will Sai be able to handle everything on her own in Nagpur. Sai says her father is with her always. She gets strength from him. Usha says my blessings are always with you. Pari says bye to Sai and she hugs her. Sai tells everyone to take care of Usha. Before leaving she feels alone and seeks her father’s blessings, she thinks she doesn’t want to look back now.

Pakhi makes tea. Ashwini asks her I told you you’ll leave Virat alone. Then why you went there. Ashwini says she will take care of Virat in Sai’s absence. Ashwini warns Pakhi not to get close to Virat. Pakhi stays quiet.

Virat is left shattered. He recalls Sai’s words. He asks Ashwini will Sai ever come back? Ashwini says she is hopeful for that. Virat says you can hope for her return but I can’t. Ashwini says you hurt her self respect, but I know Sai , when she will get to know that you are really guilty she will forgive you. Virat hugs Ashwini. He says Sai really loves you a lot, she considers you her real mom. Ashwini breaks down and says I am also missing Sai. She tells Virat to pray for Sai’s return. It will take time but Sai will be back for sure.

Sai meets Pulkit in college. Pulkit asks her why you came back? Sai lies. Pulkit says he knows Sai was in Gadchiroli. Pulkit says Devyani and I were really worried for you. You didn’t inform us before leaving. Sai asks about Devyani. Pulkit says if Sai cares for Devyani then why she didn’t come to Pulkit’s house that day. Pulkit adds Virat said he went to Gadchiroli to bring you back but you didn’t come. Sai says Virat only told you how he struggled to seek an apology but he didn’t tell you how he mistreated me and threw me out.

Even a beggar has self respect. Pulkit says it doesn’t mean you will break your marriage with Virat. Sai says there’s nothing between us. Pulkit says he observed pain in Virat’s eyes. Virat cares for Sai. Pulkit tells Sai why you are hurt if you don’t consider Virat as your loved one or your husband. Sai says why Pulkit is taking Virat’s side, when Virat insulted him as well. Pulkit says Virat admitted his mistake and apologised to him, he is not like the other members of the family. Sai should give him one chance. Sai says Virat only knows how to hurt someone. She wants to stay away from him.

Virat comes downstairs and Ninad says where is he going? Virat says he is going on a mission. He can’t disclose the mission details. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t trust his family. Bhavani says they have the right to know about it. Virat says I am on my duty, you know how it works. Bhavani asks Virat does he still believe they are all responsible for the mishap. They didn’t stop Sai from coming.

Ashwini packs food for Virat and tells him not to worry about family issues. He will concentrate on his mission. Virat says Ashwini won’t convince Sai to come back. Sai will return when she will feel like returning back. Karishma says what if Sai doesn’t want to come back ever. Bhavani says don’t talk like this. Ashwini accuses Bhavani of tearing the Chavans apart. Bhavani starts her drama saying do you all think the same I didnt do anything good for my family? Mohit says he will go to bring Sai back. He won’t stay quiet. Pakhi asks Virat will he call? Virat asks what do you mean?

Precap- Sai receives one message and gets to know Virat went on a dangerous mission. Virat starts firing with his team members. Sai gets worried for Virat.

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