Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 28th February 2023 Written Update: Sai gets surprised by Virat’s revelations


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 28th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat waking up. He gets shocked seeing the state of the saree. He opens the door and sees Sai and Savi are fine. He thinks who did it? Sai wakes up. He hides from her and thinks Sai will get angrier if she learns this saree is torn because of me. He thinks it’s better to leave before Sai comes out. He leaves placing the saree. Sai hears the voice. She comes out and sees her saree state. She thinks about how it happened.

At the dining table, Ashwini asks Pakhi why Vinu didn’t come to join them for breakfast. Pakhi says she gave him his breakfast in his room. Ashwini says you gave tiffin to Vinayak but you’re not eating. She says please eat something. Pakhi says she doesn’t like to eat it. Virat joins them for breakfast and asks for tea. Bhavani says I ordered carom board but you didn’t play with kids. She advises him to play with kids too. Virat says he is busy these days but will try to give time to the kids. Pakhi says he will get time if he stops acting like a watchman. Everyone gets surprised. Virat asks what she said. Pakhi asks if guarding Sai all night is important. Virat says you don’t know the seriousness of the situation so it would be better if you keep quiet. Pakhi asks if won’t he get another way other than sleeping outside Sai’s room by covering her saree. Virat asks her to stop accusing him as he is not roadside Romeo. He reveals that he had gone there to protect Sai not to do lewd acts. Everyone looks on. They hear a calling bell sound.

Mohit receives a parcel for Virat. He gives it to Virat. Ninad asks what’s the parcel. Virat says it’s the tracker I ordered for Savi’s safety and from tomorrow onwards 2 guards will guard our house. Ninad asks why all this. Virat reveals Sai had a huge fight with Ajay Kamble and he can go to any extent to take revenge on Sai and he can hurt us too. Pakhi says if it means they are in a problem because of Sai. Virat says the problem is always neat to him and his family because of his occupation. He says if danger looms on Sai then I will protect her as she is part of the family and hopes no one has a problem with it. He leaves.

Sai is about to take Savi to school. Virat comes there and gifts tracker watch to Savi. Savi asks what’s it. Virat says this watch will make me learn where is she. Sai says tracker watch. Savi thanks him. Virat says he will drop her. Savi feels excited. Sai says fine, I will go to the hospital. Virat says he will drop her. Sai says don’t need it. Virat says he is facing the consequences of her fight with Ajay. Savi says she is getting late and asks Sai to join them. Sai agrees and they leave in Virat’s jeep.

Virat and Sai drop Savi at school. Then Virat and Sai leave. On the way, Sai questions Virat if he gifted Savi a tracker band for her safety. Virat says yes and I’m making sure Ajay won’t hurt my daughter. Sai says you’re dropping me at the hospital for my safety. Virat says let me drive and don’t talk. Virat feels sleepy and is about to hit the kids then Sai alerts him on time. She scolds why he is sleeping while driving. Virat says it’s not my habit, I was guarding you and Saci outside your room last night that’s why I couldn’t sleep because of the mosquitoes. Sai is surprised. Sai says I’m here for short time and we will leave once I remove hate from Vinayak’s heart and you don’t need to worry about it. Virat stays mum. Sai asks if he has torn her saree. Virat says I slept covering it but doesn’t know how it tore. Sai says ok. She switches her place with Virat and drives the car.

On another side, Pakhi feels dizzy. Ashwini holds Pakhi on time. She makes Pakhi drink water. She advises her to not spoil her health by not eating food. Pakhi says to her how much Virat’s behavior is hurting her. She says Virat treasures Sai more than me than how can I eat food and Virat will always roam around Sai and I really don’t know what to do. She breaks down. Ashwini comforts her saying she can understand her situation as she goes through a similar situation.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi says to everyone I have hung this earring on the wall so that whenever Virat happens to see it a smile will bloom on his face. She asks By the way why had you hidden earring in your uniform? such things won’t be hidden for long. She says all of you mark my words very soon Virst will treasure even the trash left by Sai. Sai searches for her other earring. Pakhi comes there and asks if she is searching for it showing the earring.

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