Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th March 2021 Written Update: Sai promises Pulkit not to tell the truth to Virat.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Sai starts climbing a tree. Ashwini prays to Lord Ganesha to keep Sai away from all trouble. Ninad and Omkar call Bhavani and tell that Dadu didn’t send that letter. Bhavani tells that means my doubt was true,Sai was planning to catch us red-handed. She tells you didn’t see her following you. She intentionally left her phone on terrace so that we will think she did not watch Pulkit’s videos. Sai sees the direction Ninad and Omkar’s car is coming from.

Sai reaches the kidnap site and finds his cage but cannot find Pulkit or kidnappers there. She dials Bhavani’s number,Bhavani tells where are you late at night? Sai asks where is he? What did you do with Pulkit? Bhavani tells I don’t know what you are talking about,she tells I am worried about you so come back. I don’t want Virat to throw you out of the house after finding you were out of house whole night. Sai tells her to think what will happen when Virat finds out her truth.

Madhuri calls and asks Sai if she is ok. Sai tells no one is here. Someone rings Madhuri’s bell and she is shocked to find Pulkit tied outside her house. Pulkit tells Sai not to worry about him. Bhavani tells Ninad and Omkar that I have freed Pulkit. Omkar tells but we didn’t even scare him properly yet. Bhavani tells he will stop thinking about Devyani now and if Sai found Pulkit in our captivity we would have been inside prison. Omkar tells what if Sai finds out the truth? Bhavani tells she can find out the truth but what prove does she have? Without prove her truth is a story.

Sai tells Pulkit I will tell everything to Virat when he returns tomorrow. Bhavani tells those messages were sent by kidnappers but how will Sai prove that? Pulkit’s video messages have already been deleted. Ninad tells but Pulkit is a live evidence of the truth. Pulkit tells Sai we don’t have any proof to prove. Sai tells I don’t have to prove anything,Virat will find the evidence and send them behind prison. I will show the true face of his family to him and it is Virat’s right to find out their true face. Pulkit tells do you think Virat can stay happy after finding out the truth?

Bhavani tells it is impossible for Pulkit to prove that we are his kidnappers. Sai tells when I was an orphan only this family supported me,they gave me food and support so I don’t want to give any punishment to them. Pulkit tells I don’t have any complaints from them for kidnapping me,my only complaint is that they kept my wife away from me and led her to live a painful life. Sai tells how can you ignore the pain that Bhavani gave you?

Bhavani tells Sai may have went to meet Pulkit now. Ninad tells what if Sai tries to instigate Virat against us? Bhavani tells I will deny all of this and tell I called Pulkit to meet me but he didn’t show. Pulkit tells Sai to promise him that she won’t tell all of this to Virat. He requests her to bring his Devyani to him and he will he forever grateful to Sai. He tells he wants to remarry Devyani and complete his family. Sai promises Pulkit not to tell anything to Virat and also promises to unite Pulkit and Devyani. Ashwini is tensed thinking where is Sai since night. She opens the door thinking it is Sai but is shocked to find Virat outside.

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