Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th November 2022 Written Update: Virat faces an awkward situation


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 29th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Pakhi getting concerned for Virat’s injury and she tries to aid him. She brings first-aid box and was about to treat his wound but he snatches his hand away from her. He taunts her for giving him internal pain and declares that because of her he have to stay away from his daughter. She gets emotional and cries while he goes away from there. At that time Ashwini comes there and consoles Pakhi. She tries to make Pakhi understand that no one can take her place in Virat’s life. She proclaims that Pakhi will always be Vinayak’s mother as well as Virat’s wife.

Here, Ashwini continues that Pakhi also have to understand that Savi is also Virat’s daughter. She states that Sai is her mother and so Pakhi have to adjust with them no matter what. She declares that if Pakhi tries to separate Virat from his daughter then he won’t spare anyone. She insists Pakhi not to destroy her relationship because of some misunderstanding.

Ashwini ask Pakhi to have trust in her marriage as well as on Virat that he won’t betray her. Whereas, Vinayak gets ready to go to his new school. He ask Ashwini for the breakfast and expresses his excitement. Whereas, Virat comes there and complains of his shirt button. He ask Ashwini to sew his broken button while Pakhi also comes there.

Elsewhere, Pakhi tries to help Virat and says that she will sew the button but he stops her. He glares at the latter and reminds her about her fault. He denies to take her help while she feels bad. He ask Ashwini to help him while the latter comes forward. He ask Pakhi to get ready as both the parents have to visit the school to leave the kids. Vinayak ask if Pakhi will come to drop him? To which she replies positively.

Pakhi states that she will always be with Vinayak while Virat glares at her. Meanwhile, Pakhi along with Virat, Vinayak, Savi and Sai reaches the school. The Principal welcomes them and then takes the kids inside their new class. She introduces them to the students while Savi and Vinayak gets excited and then grabs their new seat.

Ahead, Virat along with Sai and Pakhi meets their kids while the students looks at them weirdly and laughs stating that they have one father but two mothers. The students mocks Savi and Vinayak while Savi tells Virat that she already warned him about it, but he was adamant to do what he wants. Meanwhile, they leaves from there. Pakhi goes to Sai and apologises for her mistake while she says that she doesn’t want to get involved in between any couple.

Pakhi gets back inside the car while Virat taunts her for doing mistakes and then apologising. At that time he gets a call from his senior and gets worried knowing that some police officers got into an accident. Pakhi ask him about the matter to which he tells that he can’t explain her at that time. He was about to go when he sees Sai and moves his car towards her. He ask Pakhi to go out of the car and explains the matter to Sai.

Further, Virat takes Sai stating that she can help the needy and leaves Pakhi behind while the latter gets shocked. She reaches home while Bhavani and Sonali taunts Ashwini for looking after Sai and Savi. They sees Pakhi while she tells them about the emergency in which Virat and Sai goes to help the officers. Sonali instigates them against Virat and Sai’s closeness and says that he could have taken Pakhi also along with them. The latter takes a stand for Virat but Bhavani ask her to face the reality.

Precap:- DIG sir visits Chavans house and congratulates Virat for his brave work. He says that Sai and Virat has helped so many injured police officers and then talks to Virat privately. He says that Sai is such a great doctor and he praises her bonding with Virat in emergency situations. He says that he wants to give a job to Sai in their department and ask if Virat is fine to work with her? Pakhi tells her feelings to Virat that she isn’t comfortable with him working along with Sai, as she is his ex-wife. Meanwhile, DIG sir confronts both Sai and Virat regarding their response for the job offer.

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