Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Sai decides to take a pregnant test


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ashwini and Virat telling Chavans about Sai’s symptoms while Bhavani predicts the latter to be pregnant. Everyone becomes shocked yet excited and prays for Sai to give them a good news. Pakhi becomes anxious and thinks that it cannot be possible, orelse her plan will get flopped. At that time Sai comes there and gets confused seeing everyone looking towards her. She questions them about the matter, while Bhavani tells her prediction to Sai stating that she might be pregnant. Sai gets stunned and reminds them about her medical reports that she cannot conceive.

Here, Sonali also tells that the doctor have already informed them that Sai cannot be a mother and even if she conceives, the baby won’t be able to survive in her womb. Bhavani stays positive and declares that she have seen several women’s getting pregnant, who have complications.

Ashwini also gets happy and agrees to Bhavani. She says that doctors aren’t always right and Sai could have been pregnant. Sai also gets excited but ask Chavans not to keep their hopes high. Bhavani convinces Sai to take a pregnancy test and the latter agrees. She proclaims that she will take a test inside the hospital.

Elsewhere, Sai leaves for the hospital and assures Virat to tell him the result. Whereas, Pakhi gets anxious and prays that Sai’s test results comes negative. Meanwhile, Karishma says that Sai will have two kids if she gets pregnant. Pakhi worries about her position in the family and goes inside her room.

Pakhi shares her worry with Vaishali and tells about her fear to loose Virat’s attention. She says that she can’t let Sai to have a kid, as it will threaten her position in the family, while Vaishali tries to calm her. At that time Ashwini also comes there and confronts Pakhi about her intentions. She proclaims that she knows about her real motive behind becoming Sai and Virat’s surrogate.

Ahead, Vaishali gets shocked while Pakhi faces Ashwini fearlessly. She proclaims that she doesn’t get scared of Ashwini’s warning, to which the latter threatens Pakhi regarding her value if Sai gets pregnant. Ashwini goes away from there, while Pakhi gets into thinking.

Virat talks to Sai from his office and ask to take a test. She gets excited and waits for the result but a kid mistakenly throws her test result. She gets sad and notify Virat about it. Whereas, he reports to Harish Vyas, while the latter taunts him. Virat takes a stand for himself and then goes away from there. Meanwhile, Virat along with Pakhi goes for the checkup and the doctor assures that the baby is out of danger.

Further, Virat and Pakhi gets excited and returns back to the home. Whereas, Sai also comes there and everyone questions her about the test results. Pakhi also shows interest in it while Sai taunts her along with Ashwini. Pakhi decides to go inside her room, while Devyani along with Pulkit comes there and expresses their excitement towards Sai’s pregnancy and ask her to tell the result.

Precap:- Pakhi cries in pain holding her baby bumb and calls Virat. She ask him about his whereabouts and says that she is about to give birth to the baby. She ask him to come to her immediately and states that no one is there with her. Whereas, Virat assures her and says that he is coming there. He motivates her to stay strong and tells that even Sai must be reaching there. Pakhi drops the phone being in pain and sits down, while a man comes there and Pakhi gets shocked seeing him.

Episode starts with Virat confronting Sai about their argument and tries to solve it. He says that he was just worried for Pakhi and their baby and that is why got upset with Sai. He insists to resolve their fight, but she taunts him for believing Pakhi. He gets confused with her behaviour and reminds her about the situation. He says that the latter was feeling low and that is why went to Samrat’s orphanage in Mahabaleshwar. Sai questions if Virat isn’t feeling suspicious about Pakhi’s behaviour? To which he looks confused.

Here, Sai says that she feels it was all Pakhi’s plan to fulfill her wish. She tells how Pakhi was adamant to make her change the decision of taking her signature. She says that the latter was waiting for the moment to keel her condition and come back to the house, while Virat says that he still feels Pakhi was depressed and that is why went to get some peace.

Sai says that Virat got fooled by Pakhi and ask him to look around him with clear mind. She says that she can’t believe Pakhi, while Virat reminds that how Pakhi came forward to help them and says that she was interested to carry their child and will never regret the decision on try to harm their baby.

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