Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Bhavani comforts Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi saying to everyone that Virat can relive the memories whenever he sees the earring. Sonali asks whose earring it’s and how it’s related to Virat. Pakhi says this belongs to a special girl. Pakhi asks Virat ‘By the way why had you hidden earring in your uniform? such things won’t be hidden for long.’ Virat says you’re again creating a scene as you created with Saree. Family members ask if it belongs to Sai. Pakhi says you guys guessed it correctly, Virat is behaving like a love-struck teenager. She says all of you mark my words very soon Virat will treasure even the trash left by Sai. Virat asks Pakhi why she created a normal thing into a big issue. He says our matters should stay in between us when our matters are discussed outside then it does nothing but creates a scene. Pakhi says sorry, I forgot that I’m your wife and I forgot that I should be talking about your affair inside the room. Virat says affair? Pakhi apologizes to Virat for exposing his affair. She tells him one day he will be caught. Virat says let’s discuss privately and stop this nonsense. Pakhi says everyone has the right to know the truth, isn’t it? Virat says everyone deserves to know the truth including you so learn how this earring reached me. He says when I went to drop Sai at the hospital I dozed off then Sai controlled the vehicle on time and saved my life that time her earring stuck to me and if Sai didn’t save me then my photo might he hunger in place of the earring so be thankful to Sai. He breaks the earring frame and leaves. Sonali says Virat’s behaviour is changing a lot. Pakhi takes the earring.

Bhavani takes food to Virat. Virat says he doesn’t feel like eating. Bhavani aske him to follow his heart. Virat asks what she means. Bhavani says I know that you love Sai so just listen to your heart. Virat asks if she is saying it. Bhavani says Sai is not toot cause of all the problems, she is medicine to your pain and she is the mother of your kid so I’m telling you to only listen to your heart. Virat says everyone wants to hear heart but you taught me that duty comes first, if you take up a responsibility then you must fulfill it and currently I’m doing it. Bhavani says the lock doesn’t have only one key and in that way, every problem has a different solution so its better to forget responsibility which is suffocating him. Virat says he can’t back out of his word.

The next day, Sai asks Sai to get ready and tells her that she prepared puran poli for her. Savi asks if she prepared puran poli learning Vinu coming to school. Sai says she didn’t know and packs another box for Vinu. Savi goes to Pakhi’s house and calls Vinu. Pakhi asks why she came. Savi asks her to place puran poli in Vinayak’s bag. Pakhi places puran poli in the trash. Sai searches for her other earring. Pakhi comes there and asks if she is searching for it showing the earring. She returns the earring to Sai and thanks her for saving Virat. Sai says she saved the father of her kids. Pakhi says Vinayak hates you and she shows how Vinayak threw her tiffin in the dustbin. Sai declares she won’t leave the house until she clears hate from Vinayak’s house.

Bhavani arranges Cotton candy for Sai. She thinks Sai will think Virat had bought it and she feels good. Bhavani sees Sai crying badly. She calls Virat and tells him about Sai’s state. Virat says he is returning. Bhavabi turns and sees Ashwini. Ashwini asks why she is doing this. Bhavani says she is doing for good. She asks Ashwini to never tell Sai to leave the house. Ashwini questions Bhavani about her change. She tells Bhavani that she is breaking their house. Bhavani says she is doing it for the family well being.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat goes to Sai’s house. Sai eats candy floss in tension and tells him that she doesn’t need his concern and care. Virat says he cares for his kid’s mother. Sai says she is getting hate because of him and asks what he did to remove hate for her from Vinayak’s heart.

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