Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th November 2022 Written Update: DIG sir gives an offer to Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Virat reaching the accident location along with Sai. They sees the critical conditions of the police officers and becomes worried. They looks at one another and signals to starts their work. Virat rushes towards the police officers and tries to engage them in his conversation. He also puts the vehicle up in order to drag the officers out from there. He reliefs the officers who were stuck in between the jeep. Whereas, Sai helps Virat and also starts treating the injured officers. She gives painkillers to reduce their pain, as well as aid their wounds.

Here, Virat and Sai together saves the lives of several wounded officers. Meanwhile, Sai feels pain in her legs and Virat notices it. He picks her up in his arms and takes her aside while she looks at him being surprised. Whereas, at that time DIG sir along with doctor and other police officers comes there to help the injured officers. Virat greets them while he appreciates Virat and Sai’s hardwork.

DIG sir looks at the scenario and appreciates Sai for doing her best as a doctor and treating the patients to save their lives. He shows his proudness towards Sai while the latter replies that she did her work as a doctor. Whereas, A doctor also comes there and ask that who treated thr patients? To which DIG sir takes Sai’s name and introduces him to her.

Elsewhere, Sai greets the doctor while he praises her skills and says that because of her many officers got saved. He gives credit to her for saving their lives. Whereas, Virat returns to his house, while Sai also goes back. Savi and Vinayak excitedly notify them about their school and tells how they enjoyed each other’s company. Everyone gets elated seeing them happy.

Virat ask Vinayak to tell everything loudly so that everyone can hear it. He taunts Pakhi regarding her decision while at that time DIG sir also comes there. He notify about hos Virat and Sai helped the injured officers and says that he have an offer for him. He insists to have a private conversation with Virat while the latter takes him inside the room.

Ahead, Pakhi goes their to serve snacks to DIG sir and hears their conversation. DIG sir ask Virat to work with Sai as a team as they have a great bonding. He proclaims that he have given the same offer to Sai, while Virat ask that what was her reply? To which DIG sir says that he wants to hear Virat’s reply before telling him about Sai’s answer.

Pakhi gets worried for Virat’s reply and tells the family members about the matter. They gets into an argument while Pakhi becomes tensed. Virat takes time from DIG sir while the latter says that he is aware of Virat’s past and that is why wants him to take a correct decision. He goes away from there, while Sai also recalls her meeting with DIG sir. Usha also reminds her that they needs money.

Further, Pakho confronts Virat and apologises to him for her mistake. She joins hands in front of him and ask him to forgive her for the mistake. She then expresses her feelings to him and says that she really do care for their relationship. She proclaims that she decided to express all her worries directly to him and ask him not to work with Sai. Virat replies that he was about to deny the offer himself, while Pakhi gets elated and hugs him.

Precap:- DIG sir confronts Virat and Sai and questions them about their decision regarding his offer. He ask Virat about his answer, to which the latter replies that he should have denied the offer but he couldn’t able to do it. He proclaims that he is ready to work as a team with Sai. Meanwhile, DIG sir asks Sai about her decision and states that everything depends upon her reply, while she looks at Virat.

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