Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 30th October 2021 Written Update: Chavans tries to convince Omkar


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Devyani telling to Virat taht she have complained to Sai about him. Sai says that they will punish him and ask him to do ten up and down, Devyani says that Virat did it on her saying and he took good care of her when she was in hospital. Sai tells to Devyani that they are friends now. Devyani says that she came here to call her for breakfast. Virat ask her to first take her medicine then go. Sai tells him that she asked in hospital taht which face she will show her now, she says that this is her best face. Bhawani ask Pakhi about Omkar and Sonali why they are missing on the breakfast table. Ninad tells that whatever happened yesterday due to this they are doing that, Shivani says what’s a big deal she just ask Sonali to do cooking. Bhawani ask Karishma to stop serving food in their room. Samrat praises Ashwini for making the khichdi, Ashwini tells that she made it for Sai. Everyone enjoys the breakfast. Omkar ask Bhawani that how they could have their breakfast in their room, he complains about their behaviour. Bhawani taunts Sonali that she is fit enough, Pakhi supports Sonali and says that Sai is getting much importance as she got a room also. Sonali taunts and complains that she and her family always treated as down dog. Ashwini ask them to forget everything asn ask them to have breakfast. Omkar and Sonali shows lots of anger to them. Sai comes in support of Ashwini, Sonali blames everything for Sai.

Omkar ask Sai to stop, Virat interrupts and says that why he is talking to Sai like that whatever happened yesterday Sai was not responsible for anything. Bhawani takes stand and says that everone is equal in this house. Omkar says that if again he and his family gets humiliated then they have to take decision to leave the house. Sai tries to justify the misunderstanding, Virat supports Sai. Ninad ask Omkar to forget everything and come and have breakfast. He says that he is very serious with his decision. Bhawani reminds her that in Chavan family nobody had left the family ever. Sai reminds Omkar that he is blessed to have such a big family, Sonali stops Sai and again blames Sai. Samrat supports Sai taht she always supports family.

Omkar tells to Ninad to stop teaching him lesson on wife as he had always insulted his wife. Everyone is shocked, Sonali tells that she he is right. Sai and Virat takes stand for their parents, Omkar threatens them and tell that he will buy a new home and shift his family there. Sai brings breakfast for Ashwini in her room, she tells that she have come here to talk with her as she doesn’t liked her coming up without saying anything. Sai ask Ashwini that why she have two beds in her room as she and her baba are husband and wife then why they have such beds. She says that her baba and she donot have any relation, they don’t have anything between them to corrct it. Virat tells to Ninad that Ashwini do so much for him that why didn’t he took stand for her infront of them. Ninad scolds Virat that he is not big enough to explain him what is right and what is wrong. Ninad taunts Virat atleast he stays with his wife in same room but he doesn’t even stay with his wife in same room. Sai thinks that how Aaye and Baba are staying like strangers from so many years.

Precap- Virat tells to Sai that he has always seen Aaye and baba like this. Sai says that may be due to third person they have this relation. Virat stops Sai as she always analyse the same she always brings his past.