Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Ashwini and Ninad worries about Pakhi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Virat and Sai meeting in front of Savi and Vinayak’s school. The latter starts discussing about their work. He notify Sai that the idea she presented to help the police officers have been approved by their seniors. Sai gets elated and gives the credit to Virat for making it approve in such a short period of time. She proclaims that only because of his hardwork her idea got approved instantly, to which he denies and gives the credit to her. He states that everyone loved her plan and so agreed for it. Meanwhile, at that time Pakhi comes there and sees them together.

Here, Pakhi goes in between Sai and Virat while the latter moves away from there in order to give privacy to Virat and Pakhi. The latter questions Virat that what was he discussing with Sai? To which he replies that they were talking about work related stuffs. She gives a sarcastic smile and ask if she ruined their important discussion? She also taunts him stating that he can’t make her fool.

Pakhi taunts Virat stating that Sai and he got less time in office that they even started continuing their official work to the school. Virat tries to explain the matter to Pakhi and says that she is getting everything wrong. He gets frustrated with her suspicion and proclaims that he can’t do anything to make her believe on him.

Elsewhere, Pakhi states that Virat should have thought about their arguments and problema before signing the deal with Sai. She proclaims that his decision will cause trouble in their life while he looks on. He then tries to change the topic and ask that what is she doing in Vinayak’s school? To which she replies that if she can’t come there?

Virat states that Pakhi can go where ever she wants. Meanwhile, at that time the school gets over and Vinayak comes out along with Savi. They both goes towards their parents, while Vinayak gets elated upon seeing both his parents. He then excitedly tells about all the things he did in the school, while Savi insists to go along with Virat in his car.

Ahead, Virat agrees to fulfill Savi’s request. He sits along with others inside the car and then ask if they study also in their school? To which Vinayak replies positively and then tells about their partner project. Pakhi intentionally shows her authority on Virat and proclaims that they are great in making projects. Meanwhile, Pakhi states that they can do the project in Vinayak’s room but Sai denies to go to Chavans house. Savi insists Virat to do it in her house, while he agrees.

Pakhi gets shocked by Virat’s decision. Meanwhile, Ashwini goes to talk with Vinayak and finds about the matter. Ninad also hears the conversation and both gets worried about Pakhi and Virat’s relationship. Whereas, Bhavani takes a stand for Pakhi and says that she is doing right by keeping an eye in between Sai and Virat. She shows her support towards the latter.

Further, Pakhi and Virat gets into an argument due to his decision. He proclaims that he have no feelings for Sai while she questions that why he doesn’t value her suggestions. At that time Mohit comes ghere and notify about the important meeting and states that Pakhi should have to be there. She gets into dilemma and tries to cancel the meeting but Virat declares that she will attend the meeting. She gets worried thinking about leaving Virat alone with Sai. Whereas, Usha gets elated learning about Sai’s first day at work, while the latter thinks about Pakhi and Virat’s relationship. She gets irked stating that Pakhi intentionally tries to show her wife’s rights on Virat.

Precap:- Pakhi gets inside Chavans house along with Mohit being restless. She questions Ashwini that if Virat is back? To which the latter denies and expresses her worry. Whereas, Pakhi gets tensed and decides to check in Sai’s house. She goes inside the latter’s house and becomes dumbstruck after seeing Virat without his shirt. Whereas, the latter also gets stunned seeing her and looks in between Sai and her.

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