Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Chavans gets shocked by Sai’s legal move


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chavans getting shocked after seeing the notice sended by Sai. Ninad tells them that Sai filed a case against them in order to get Vinayak’s custody. She also mentioned that she won’t take any legal action, if they returns Vinayak back to her without any trouble, but of they tries to come in between her and her son, then she won’t spare them and will drag them to the court. Ninad also tells that Sai filed the case on the basis of Pakhi’s past deeds and said that she will bring all the past mistakes of Pakhi out in order to prove that she is not suitable to become Vinayak’s mother.

Here, Pakhi gets restless and gets into thinking while Bhavani gets furious at Sai. She proclaims that she has expected the same from Sai while Ashwini gets worried and says that she didn’t expected it from Sai that she will try to snatch Vinayak from them. Meanwhile, Shivani takes a stand for Sai and says that she have a the right to fight for her own child.

Shivani says that even Pakhi would have done the same for her own kid, to which Bhavani rebukes at her and ask to stay quiet. She ask Shivani not to interfere in their family matter while the latter gets hurt. Pakhi suggest that she should take Vinayak away from there to her parents house, to which Bhavani scolds her and says that she won’t let Vinayak go away from her sight.

Elsewhere, Ninad stops them from arguing and states that theh should once try to convince Sai to understand their emotions. He says that maybe she will understand their attachment with Vinayak, while Sonali proclaims that Sai should have thought about what Vinayak will go through if she takes her away from Chavans.

Ninad ask Virat to talk to Sai and convince her to let Vinayak stay with Chavans, while the latter agrees. Savi misses Vinayak and tells Sai about it, while the latter gets emotional and consoles her daughter. She assures that soon they will meet Vinayak. At that time the latter comes to their house while Sai gets teary eyes after seeing him and hugs the latter. She shows her emotions while Savi takes him inside.

Ahead, Virat meets Sai and takes her out in order to discuss about the matter. He tries to make her understand that she should take back her case and says that if he haven’t supported Pakhi, then she would have killed herself. Sai declares that she won’t let her son stay with a women who can harm him and doesn’t have control on herself.

Virat tries to convince Sai to think from Pakhi’s perspective. The latter denies and proclaims that she won’t take her case back and if Chavans doesn’t return Vinayak back to her, then she will go to the court. Virat recalls his past with Sai and gets emotional. Meanwhile, Pakhi tries to convince Vinayak for home schooling but the latter denies and ask that if he is shifting to Sai’s house? To which Virat denies him.

Further, Bhavani declares that she will perform puja in the orphanage and will make sure that Vinayak doesn’t go away from them. Whereas, Pakhi gets worried thinking about the custody of Vinayak. Virat and Sai gets flashes of their happy moments together and wishes to stay together. Whereas, Bhavani determines to keep Vinayak along with them at any cost.

Precap:- Virat sees a lady running away from him. He thinks her to be Pakhi and shouts at her to stop. She runs away while he follows her. He sees Vinayak also joining her and then Savi also holds her hand and runs with her. Virat gets confused and ask her to stop asking that where she is taking Vinayak and Savi? She turns towards him and is revealed to be Sai. She smiles at him and ask to join them while he gets elated and holds her hand. Meanwhile, it all turns out to be his dream as he wakes up with a smile. He takes Sai’s name while Pakhi hears him and gets furious.

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