Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Sai conveys her grief to Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat getting surprised by seeing chat and candy floss arranged by Bhavani. He thinks about who bought them. He hears sounds from Sai’s room and asks to open the door. Sai opens the door and asks why he came when she is not getting food to eat. Virat says you’re hungry not crying right? Sai says she is hungry. She takes candy floss from him and eats it. She asks why he is here. Virat says Bhavani told me that you’re crying so I’m worried and return home. Sai says she doesn’t need his concern and care. Virat says he cares for his kid’s mother. Sai says she is getting hate because of them and tells him how Vinu threw her food in the dustbin in tears. Virat asks what. He says he didn’t create hate for her in Vinayak’s heart.
Sai asks what he did to remove hate for her from Vinayak’s heart. She says no one did anything to change Vinayak’s feelings about me but your mom came and accused me that I’m breaking your house even though I didn’t. Virat gets shocked. Sai says he is responsible for her problems in life. She says you’re tense thinking how will you handle it when I take both children from this house that’s why didn’t try to remove fear from Vinu’s heart. She closes the door in his face. Virat looks on.

Sai brings Telescope to see the solar system. Savi says she doesn’t like it. Sai says Vinu likes it. Savi says yes and goes to call him. In the room, Virat explains to Vinayak that it’s wrong to throw food. Vinayak says I know it and why you’re saying it to me. Virat asks why he threw food. Vinayak says he didn’t. Pakhi comes there and asks Virat to stop interrogating Vinu. Savi comes there and calls Vinu to see the stars from a telescope bought by their mother. Everyone looks on.

Savi returns to Sai and tells her Vinu didn’t come. They start to enjoy seeing the stars. Vinu comes there with Virat and answers the correct answer to Sai’s question. Sai says Vinu is correct. Vinu hides in fear. Virat comforts him and asks him to see the stars. Savi says she doesn’t about star names and asks if they know. Sai and Virat say they forgot the names and wish someone knew the names. Savi asks who knows it. Vinayak says he will tell her. Savi says ok and asks him to tell her. Vinayak sees the stars from the telescope and explains to Savi about them. Sai and Savi feel happy seeing them. They see a falling star. Vinayak asks Savi to make a wish. Sai prays to live with her kids happily. Virat prays to fulfill every wish of Sai. Pakhi comes there and looks at them in pain.

The next day, at the event school principal, says to everyone that this year woman’s day and Holi come in one day so we arranged a women’s day celebration before and called ladies from student families. She announces the first game is kids have to find their mother when they are blindfolded. The Principal asks Mothers and students to get ready. The game gets started. Savi and Vinayak challenge that they find their mother first. Students go to the wrong ones then mothers tells them they are not their mother. Vinayak goes to Sai and hugs saying mumma. Bhavani feels happy. Pakhi looks stunned. Vinayak happily says he won when Sai hugs him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi spoils Sai’s rangoli. Sai asks what’s she doing. Pakhi says it’s my house and I will do the rituals, not you. Pakhi tries to make rangoli but she can’t. Sai rebukes her.

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