Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th December 2023 Written Update: Harini calls Savi for help

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha coming to Bhosle’s institute. She recalls her previous insult done by Surekha. Yashwant, Shantanu, and Nishi see Isha. Yashwant questions Isha about what’s she doing in their institute. Isha tells him she came from the selection committee panel to see whether they are selecting the correct candidates for the job or not. Yashwant says they follow rules. He calls Shukla and asks him to take Isha. Shukla takes Isha. Yashwant questions Shantanu why he didn’t inform him that Isha is coming. Shantanu says he didn’t know about it. Yashwant and Nishi leave from there. Shantanu decides to talk to Isha.

Savi stops her friend and takes her scooter and belongings. She goes to Reeva. She gives her a hoodie. Reeva covers her face and enters the Bhosle Institute with Savi’s help. Reeva thanks Savi. Savi tells Reeva that she is going the wrong way and takes her to the place where interviews are happening.

Ishaan sees Isha. He asks what’s she doing in their college. Isha tells him that she came from the selection committee side to see if Assistant professor interviews are happening with transparency or not. Ishaan mocks her for not attending their college fest. Isha tries to tell him the truth but he stops her and asks Shukla to take Isha to her place.

Savi sees Ishaan and tells Reeva that Ishaan is the director of Bhosle’s institute. Reeva feels tense. Savi calls Ishaan and asks him to meet the person who came for assistant professor interviews. They notice no one is there. Savi tells him that Reeva wants to attend the interview but their watchman doesn’t allow her. Ishaan asks Savi to mind her own work and not interfere in other people’s matter. Savi asks Ishaan if he is alright as he is looking like he is troubled from the last few days. Ishaan admits his mood is off and asks Savi to stay away from him.

Reeva comes to the interview and prays to God that hopes that she will be selected for this job.

Harini calls Savi and says to Savi that they nearly spent nearly spent 2 Lakhs within a day for Ninad’s treatment and they don’t have anymore money. Savi asks Harini not to worry and says she is trying to talk to a trust hospital and says they don’t need to spend that much money there and says she will also arrange for the money and asks Harini not to worry about it.

Savi calls Professor Kaalra and asks Kaalra if he has any job for her like she did last time. Kaalra says she will not earn that much money for Proofreading.

Ishaan insults an interviewee who came for assistant professor post in the interview and rejects him. Isha argues with Ishaan saying it’s not good to break other people’s confidence. Ishaan says he is not here to impress others but to select the best person for this job. Shantanu stops their argument and calls for the next candidate. Reeva comes to the interview. Ishaan gets shocked seeing Reeva as a candidate for the interview.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi dreams of Samarth killing her family. Savi wakes up in the class and shouts that she doesn’t want to be alone. Ishaan assures Savi that she is not alone. Reeva sees this from a distance

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