Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th March 2022 Written Update: Sai gets caught by the police


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the police chasing Sai for stealing the injections, while she keeps driving in order to save Virat’s life. The police surrounds her and makes her stop, she keeps requesting him to let her go and tells about the emergency. He ask her to come out and denies to believe her. She looks at the timer and sees the time running out. She cries and insists the officer to let her go. She explains about the critical situation and why she had stolen the injection. She also notify that her husband is IPS officer Virat, while finally he believes her and sets her free. He also follows her to make sure she reaches the destination safely.

Here, Sai keeps praying for Virat and drives fastly. Whereas, Pulkit gets shocked learning that the person from which he had asked to bring the injection had an accident and the medicine bottle got broken. He becomes worried whereas, Virat’s health keeps getting worsen.

Sai reaches the hospital and runs towards the operation theatre. She barges inside the room and gives the injection bottles to the doctor on time. He gets elated seeing two bottles of injection and says that they needed more then one for Virat and praises Sai for bringing it on time. He says that they can proceed to start the operation and sends others out of the operation theatre.

Elsewhere, nurse keeps assuring Sai while she keeps praying for Virat. At that time Chavans also comes there and gets furious seeing Sai. Bhavani ask her to leave being angry, whereas Sonali taunts her along with Karishma. She denies to go away from there and ask everyone to pray for Virat.

The doctor comes out after the operation and notify Chavans that Virat’s condition is stable. They all gets elated and shows their gratitude towards him. He praises Sai for bringing the injection on time and gives the credit to her, but she shows her gratitude towards him for saving Virat’s life.

Ahead, doctor tells that they had to do a major surgery to remove the poisonous particle from Virat’s artery and tells that they have to keep him under observation. Ninad shows his gratitude towards Pulkit for arranging the injection, while Bhavani also thanks him.

Pulkit denies to take the credit stating that it was Sai who brought the injection. Chavans denies to believe it and says that Pulkit is lying to get praises for Sai. Whereas, Sai says that it doesn’t matter who have brought the injection as they all only cares about Virat’s recovery. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Karishma taunts Sai for being the reason for Virat’s condition.

Further, DIG sir comes there and praises Sai telling about how she brought the injection. She tells him about the mess she have created, while he assures that everything is alredy being handled. Chavans asks Sai to leave from there, but she determines to see Virat and declares that she will only go if Virat will sends her away. She waits for Virat to recover.

Precap:- Bhavani gives a glare to Sai and ask her to leave the hospital. She says that doctor already informed Virat is out of danger and ask her to go away. Sai moves away from there and then comes back with her ID card and states that Bhavani can’t send her away as she is a hospital staff. Whereas, Chavans looks at her with anger.

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