Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th March 2023 Written Update: Ajay kamble decides to harm Vinayak for his revenge


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vinayak moving to the Pakhi side but one of the students pushes him then he moves to Sai and hugs her calling her mumma. Sai happily hugs him. Ajay kamble man takes a photo of Sai and Vinu. Bhavani feels happy and says Vinu’s heart identified his mother. Karishma agrees. Ashwini asks Karishma to stop and says he went to Sai by mistake so don’t mistake this for her motherly affection. Pakhi says Vinu, I’m here. The principal tells Pakhi to keep quiet as they can’t give directions to their kids. Vinayak opens his blindfold. He runs to Pakhi leaving Sai. The teacher announces Vinayak and Pakhi are disqualified from this game for breaking the rules.

Savi identifies Sai correctly and wins the game. The principal announces Savi is the winner. Sai thanks god for making her son hug her. Ajay’s man shows the clicked photo at the event to Ajay. Ajay says he has to hurt Sai’s son to exact revenge.

Sai realizes someone is following her. She mistook him as Ajay’s man and thrashes him. Constable tries to stop her. Virat removes the blanket from him and asks why she beat him without knowing who’s under the quilt. Sai asks why he is following her. Virat says I was testing them not following you. He scolds constables and asks them to take their position. They leave. Sai tells Virat that she can save herself. Virat says he understood. Sai angrily stares at him. Virat asks her to treat him.

On the way, Bhavani asks Savi why she looks sad. Savi says she wanted to come with Vinu. Bhavani asks her not to feel bad and asks her to take 2k as a gift. Savi says she still didn’t spend the 2k she gave her in their last time meet. Sonali tries to know when they met but Bhavani stops her. She suggests Savi to take her parents and Vinayak out for dinner and celebrate her success. Savi agrees to the plan and accepts the money.

Ashwini sees Virat and asks him how he got injured. Virat says one wild cat attacked me with a stick. Sai stares at him. Ashwini asks if Sai attacked him. Virat says no and I got injured in my duty. Savi comes there getting ready. Virat feels happy seeing her. Savi informs him she won the game in the school and tells him that she is planning to take them to dinner that’s why she got ready. Virat asks Savi to tame Sai’s permission. Savi goes to Sai and says I have 4k pocket money so let’s celebrate my success. Sai asks if Vinu joins them or not. Virat looks on.

Virat sees Vinayak studying and tells him that they can go out to have dinner and we can take Savi with them. Vinayak agrees. Pakhi asks if he is taking only Savi and Vinu or if even Sai is coming along. Virat says of course Sai will come and How will Savi come without her mom? Vinu refuses to join them. He leaves. Virat questions Pakhi about why she is doing it to Vinu. Pakhi questions why he is planning to take Vinu out with Sai. She says she won’t allow him to take Vinu out with Sai.

At the hotel, Virat asks Savi to gift a saree to her brother he bought from her side. Savi asks him to give it by himself. Virat says it’s a small thing I asked, can’t you do it. Sai comes there. Savi gives her a gift saying she bought it for her. Sai says we come along then how did you get the gift. Savi says she kept it with dad to surprise her. Sai asks what’s in the gift. Savi says it’s a saree. Sai says it’s wrong to lie so admit the truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi spoiling Sai’s rangoli. Sai asks what’s she doing. Pakhi says it’s my house and I will do the rituals, not you. Pakhi tries to do Rangoli but she couldn’t. Sai seeing this says to Paki that people who destroy other things couldn’t make anything as they also have a fear that someone might destroy the things they make.

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