Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th May 2021 Written Update: Pakhi’s open challenge to Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting upset. She says she can’t let anything happen to Virat. She calls Pulkit. Chavans rush to hospital and Pakhi asks the subinspector where is Virat? Latter asks her are you Sai? She says I am Virat’s friend. Tell me where how is he.

Ashwini asks the subinspector about Virat. He says Virat took the bullet in order to save one officer. Operation is going on. Ashwini and Bhavani start crying. Pakhi gets shocked. Mohit says we should feel proud of Virat that he fought for his nation. Ninad says but being a father my pain won’t go away. Bhavani compares Pakhi with Sai. Bhavani says look how Pakhi cares for Virat but Sai doesnt care at all though she is Virat’s wife. Mohit says stop all these discussions now.

Pakhi says she won’t leave Virat. Ashwini says you don’t have to stay here. I am here to take care of him. Pakhi says if I am not stopping you from staying here then why are you telling me to go? Ashwini tells because I don’t you to stay here. Later Ashwini says at least inform Sai about Virat’s health condition. Bhavani says no need, Sai is such an ungrateful person. She must be aware of the dangerous mission still she didn’t come. Mohit says to Ashwini that he will call Sai.

Mohit is about to call Sai but Ninad stops him saying don’t call her. She doesn’t deserve Virat. Mohit sees Sai and Pakhi stops her way. Pakhi says Sai can’t see Virat. She lost the right. Also few people are allowed to stay from Virat’s family. Sai says this hospital is not yours. I want to meet him and I’ll. A wife has the right to meet her husband. Ninad says when Virat went to apologise you didn’t come.

Now why you came here? Pulkit supports Sai saying argument is common is between every couple doesn’t mean their relationship has broken. Mohit talks to Sai but Ninad shut him. Doctor says the operation is successful. Everyone gets relief. Doctor adds Virat needs 12 hours to gain consciousness. Mohit tells Sai I knew you would come to see Virat. Sai thanks Mohit for informing about Virat’s mission. She says I am not that heartless that I won’t even come to see Virat. Ninad and Pakhi get shocked. Ninad asks Mohit why did you inform Sai?

When she rejected Virat’s apology already. Sai says don’t dig the matter. You know the reason why I left the house. You all angered me. If I start revealing all your truth what you did to Pulkit and Devyani you will need to hide your faces. So better if you stay quiet. Pakhi says to Sai Virat only told her to leave why she thinks she can meet Virat. Sai says, Pakhi doesnt have to come between a husband and a wife. Its their personal matter they can solve it. Pakhi doesn’t need to worry.

Pulkit tells Sai to find some other way. Ninad calls Pulkit an outsider and says you teamed up with Sai. You are taking revenge. Pulkit says if its true then yes we teamed up for a good cause atlest. Pakhi says only three people are allowed to stay in the hospital. Sai says I am Virat’s wife not you. You are free to go.

Pakhi gets angry with her. Pulkit says Sai won’t go anywhere. Sai asks Mohit about Virat’s room. Pakhi says I told you to leave. Sai says let’s ask the doctor who is allowed to stay, Virat’s wife or Virat’s bhabi. Pakhi says this girl is hopeless as well as shameless , she will even create scene in hospital. Pakhi further says Virat will only decide who can stay with Virat? Me or Sai.

Precap- Pakhi manipulates Virat saying Sai forcefully came to meet you. She should leave you don’t want to see her. Sai says Virat sir didn’t tell me to leave. Sai asks Virat what do you want? I should leave or I should stay.

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