Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th March 2023 Written Update: Vinayak presents a surprise gift to Pakhi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai asking Savi when she purchased a saree for her. Savi sees Virat. She lies to Sai that she made Bhavani chooses it. Sai says lying is bad. Virat asks why she is questioning Savi in place of thanking her. He says your saree is torn so accept it. Savi asks Sai to accept it. Sai says she hates lies and asks Savi to tell the truth. Virat says it’s the truth. Sai asks Savi why she didn’t get her salwar suit instead of a saree as she likes it more. Savi asks Virat why he didn’t get a salwar suit. Virat holds his head. Savi asks if they are caught. Virat says no problem. Savi asks Sai to not get angry at dad and questions why she acts like a spy. Sunny says Khaddos spy. Virat and Sai feel happy seeing Sunny.

Virat asks Sunny where he went all these years. Sunny says I messaged you when I’m leaving for Australia and came to meet you but you didn’t contact me and I didn’t know why. Virat sees Sai and tells him it’s a long story and tells him later. Sunny happily greets Sai and Savi. He asks Savi to call him Chachu. Sunny tells Virat that he is happy seeing their complete family. Virat and Sai look sad. Sunny notices their face and ask if they are fighting again.

Savi asks how he knows. Sunny says I know their fights. Savi asks him to tell her how they reconcile with each other. Sunny says they call by different names when they fight like modak and Mirchi. Virat and Sai recall their moment. Savi asks Sunny to tell her more. Virat asks Sunny to join him for dinner. Sunny says I can’t eat more otherwise Savi has to treat me. Savi says she wants to become a police officer like her dad. Sunny says wow and wishes you guys had a son who can become Doctor like Sai. Savi says she has a brother.

Sunny asks where is their son. Virat says he is not well. Sunny says he wishes to see their complete family. Sai reveals to him they are not together. Sunny gets shocked. Savi says they had issues and I’m trying to make them reconcile again. Virat asks Sunny to come home the next day so they can talk. Sunny asks him where is Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi is the legal wife of Virat. Sunny gets shocked.

In the kitchen, Pakhi thinks Sai and Virat might be spending quality time together. She is about to cut her hands while cutting onions. Vinayak alerts her and questions why she is crying. Pakhi lies to him she is not crying and tears are because of cutting onions for his pizza. Vinayak asks her to close her eyes. Pakhi closes her eyes. Vinayak gives her a gift. Pakhi gets surprised to see the saree and asks when he bought it. Vinayak says he saved money to purchase her a saree and asks if she likes it. Pakhi tells him she loved it and asks him to sit near the dining table to eat pizza. Vinayak agrees and leaves. Pakhi happily hugs the saree.

Virat asks Sai to not show her anger over food. He says we recalled everything seeing Sunny. He asks if she remembers how Sunny js used to act like their cupid. Sai says it’s a waste to talk about it as no cupid can set our issues as it goes out of hand and we can never come together even god. Virat says how to make you believe that my heart always thinks about you. He asks what he has to do to make her believe that he can do anything to get back with her. He kneels down and tells her she is life to him. Sai looks on. Virat cleans Sai’s hand. Sai makes him come out of his imagination by telling him that the sauce falls on Savi’s hand, not her hand. Savi says no problem. Sai cleans Savi’s hand. Virat thinks about why he is dreaming with open eyes and remembers his promise to Pakhi that he can leave her hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi spoiling Sai’s rangoli. Sai asks what’s she doing. Pakhi says it’s my house and I will do the rituals, not you. Pakhi tries to do Rangoli but she couldn’t. Sai seeing this says to Paki that people who destroy other things couldn’t make anything as they also have a fear that someone might destroy the things they make.

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