Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th May 2021 Written Update: Pakhi receives advice from Ninad


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling Sai only Virat will decide who can meet him. Sai says you are right but before going I’ll meet Virat for sure. Mohit and Pulkit support Sai. Pulkit says you are free to meet Virat, I want to see who stops you. Pakhi gets shock. Sai goes to Virat’s room.

Sai gets heartbroken seeing Virat’s condition. Sai holds her ears and says I am sorry. I didn’t receive your call when you tried to contact me. She cries recalling her dad. Sai feels guilty, she says you know my self respect matters to me the most. You could have given me some time to forget all the mishap. But I guess you don’t want to meet me like Pakhi said. But I’ll come tomorrow again to know Virat wants to meet me or not. Pulkit comes to Sai.

Sai tells Pakhi now I am leaving but she puts forth a condition saying she will come back again but if Virat refuses to meet her she will never return. Sai taunts Pakhi saying now you can stay with Virat. Ninad stops Pakhi from reacting. He says Sai is shameless. Pakhi, Ninad and Mohit go to meet Virat. Pakhi gets emotional. Ninad tells her not to cry, he gives her the responsiblity to take care of Virat. Ninad says Bhavani and I have a very strong bond as well , Ashwini tried a lot to create misunderstanding between us.

She accused Bhavani as well but I respect my bhabi just how you remind me of Bhavani who doesnt want to break the chain of the family. Pakhi looks at Virat and says noone can break our bond if its strong. Ninad advices Pakhi to not worry much. He says don’t let anything affect your mental peace.

Devyani and Sai worry for Virat. Devyani asks Sai why you are getting worried for Virat? You don’t want to see his face right? Sai says yes I am angry but right now I want to talk to Virat and want to know he is fine or not. Devyani keeps asking then why you didn’t receive his call? Pulkit stops her and insist everyone to eat. Devyani tells eat something Sai else how will you be able to fight with Pakhi? Sai says she doesn’t want to fight. Pakhi always roams around Virat. She can manipulate Virat against you. Sai replies for what reason I’ll fight. We and Virat got married because of my father’s last wish. Our relationship is not normal like others. Pulkit says Virat will never tell you to leave. He wants you in his life.

Pakhi talks to Virat when he is unconscious. Pakhi is about touch Virat but then she stops recalling Ashwini’s words that she has no right on Virat. Pakhi says I know Virat you won’t like the fact that I am staying with you here. But I genuinely care for you that’s why no matter how many times you insult me I won’t stop caring for you. You said you don’t have any relation with me except that I am your brother’s wife but still you’ll understand my love when you see me worrying for you.

Pulkit tells Sai to think wisely. Pulkit says if you want to stay with Virat only then you can meet him. Else what’s the need? There are people who can take care of him. Ashwini , Pakhi. Sai tells I just want to assure myself that Virat is doing good. Thats all.

Precap- Pakhi gets shocked seeing Virat holding Sai’s hand. Pakhi says Sai sneaked in when I went to fill up the form. Pakhi tells Sai to leave as she only told she doesn’t care for Virat. Sai says ask Virat sir if he wants me to leave or not.

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