Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th August 2022 Written Update: Sai decides to end her differences with Pakhi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat asking Pakhi to push the baby, while the latter screams in pain. She ask Sai to come there, but the latter motivates Pakhi and Virat and proclaims that everything will be fine. She prays to the God, while Sonali thinks about the difficulties which Virat and Sai has faced. She says that they lost their baby and now so many problems during the delivery of Pakhi. Karishma suggests to call Virat to know about the situation, but Shivani denies stating that he must be struggling to perform the delivery procedure and ask them not to disturb him. They continues to pray for the baby and Pakhi.

Here, Virat insists Pakhi to keep pushing the baby but the latter gets unconscious due to tiredness. Virat gets shocked and ask Sai about it, to which she tells him to wake her up. She calms Virat and says that it’s normal during the delivery. She tells him to sprinkle water on Pakhi to wake her up. Virat does as per Sai’s instructions but Pakhi couldn’t able to gain consciousness.

Virat gets worried and ask Sai about the next step. She says that Pakhi needs to wake up, orelse they won’t be able to bring their baby out. Virat checks Pakhi and tells Sai that he can see their baby’s head out. Virat fails to wake Pakhi, while Sai gets shattered and cries. Virat becomes worried and ask Sai to tell some other method to bring the baby out.

Elsewhere, Sai states that in hospital they could have performed the delivery with the help of suction. She then gets an idea and ask Virat to bring the vaccum cleaner and shows him the video on how to perform the delivery with the help of it. He says that the pressure will be high in their vaccum cleaner and it can harm the baby, but the latter ask him to bring car’s vaccum cleaning and assures that the power will be less.

Sai motivates Virat and tells that he have to do it, as only he can save their baby. Whereas, Virat brings the vaccum cleaner and starts sucking the baby out. After some trials he gets successful in bringing the baby out and both gets emotional seeing it. Sai makes him cut the cord connecting the baby and Pakhi. She ask him to make sure that the scissor will be sterilized.

Ahead, Virat gets worried as the baby wasn’t crying. He tells about it to Sai while she gets shocked. She cries while Virat says that they have to do something. Sai instructs him the procedure and Virat performs it on the baby and the latter immediately starts crying. They both gets elated seeing it.

Virat ask Sai to come back to their home as soon as possible. She leaves the hospital and reaches Chavan Niwas. She sees Pakhi’s state and says that she must be unconscious due to tiredness. She takes her baby boy and becomes emotional. She gives credit to Virat for saving the baby and cries stating that they finally have their child.

Further, Virat and Sai looks at their son with the tears of joy. Virat tells that he couldn’t have done anything without her, while she gives the credit to him. They both adores their baby and then Sai looks at Pakhi and caresses her hair. She becomes emotional and decides to forget their differences of past and plans to move on. She joins her hands in front of an unconscious Pakhi and shows her gratitude for delivering their baby.

Precap:- Sai accuses Pakhi for being her surrogate illegally. She proclaims that she tried to steal her baby and get her arrested in front of all the Chavan family. The police officers arrests Pakhi and takes her along with them, while Virat tries to stop Sai and insists her to take back the complaint.

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