Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th February 2023 Written Update: Pakhi insists Virat to accept the promotion


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat asking Commissioner to sit. Commissioner thanks him. Virat asks sir, is there a special reason for coming here urgently. Commissioner says yes, for two reasons, and the first reason is that I love the tea in your house. Viraj smiles. Commissioner says another reason I want to tell you the information personally. Pakhi brings tea. Commissioner questions how is she. Pakhi says she is fine and leaves. Virat asks Commissioner to tell him another reason. Commissioner says he is transferred to Mumbai for promotion and you’re going to be the head of the Mumbai crime branch and you need to leave in 2 weeks. Virat asks how can he decide in this short time. Commissioner asks him to not lose the opportunity. Pakhi hears about the transfer and thinks it’s a better way to keep Vinayak away from Savi. She thanks god.

At the dining table, Ashwini says Vinayak’s studies are getting affected. Pakhi says Vinayak is studying well at home and another news is Virat transferred to Mumbai. Everyone feels happy. Virat says he is thinking about whether to take the opportunity or not. Pakhi asks him to accept the opportunity. Bhavani asks why she is insisting. Pakhi says it’s the best way to escape from Sai’s problem. She insists Virat to accept the promotion. Virat looks helpless.

Sai asks Savi if Vinayak came to school. Savi says yes he came but Pakhi aunty didn’t let him talk properly and she took him from the back gate. Sai asks if she talked to him. Savi says Vinayak and his family are shifting to Mumbai as Viraj got a promotion. Sai thinks she won’t let them take her son away from her. Savi asks if Vinu goes far from them. Sai says he won’t go away from us. She decides to tell the truth to Vinayak immediately.

Sai enters Chavan’s house sneakily. She hides seeing Ashwini. Ashwini feels pain in her knees and walks slowly to drink water. Sai feels bad for not helping her. Then she hides from Omkar and enters Vinayak’s room. She sits near Vinayak who is sleeping. Vinayak in sleep says mom you came. Sai gets emotional and kisses her son’s forehead. That time Pakhi enters the room. Sai hides before Pakhi catches her. Pakhi sleeps beside Vinayak. Sai leaves seeing them.

Virat sees his kids are playing with a lady. Kids ask him to join them. Virat agrees and goes to him but the lady drenches him. He couldn’t see her face and wake up from his sleep. He sees Sai in front of him but she leaves immediately. Virat thinks it was a beautiful dream but who was she? Why I was so happy with her?

Sai returns home. Usha questions why did she have to enter the Chavan house at this time of the night? Why did you have to do it and if you wanted to tell Vinayak the truth then? Sai stops her and asks her to not worry. Usha says Vinayak won’t accept her in this way. Sai asks her to not to hurt her in this way and says she is waiting to get back her son and it’s good if Vinyak knows the truth. Usha asks Sai to think about the consequence too before doing anything. She reminds her that Virat may arrest her or Vinayak may get scared by your act so don’t spoil the bond you have with Vinayak. Sai looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vinayak asks Sai why have we come to terrace. Sai says we can talk hear peacefully. Sai says I want to tell you about a miracle and that miracle is related to your and my life but before that I want to show you something. Pakhi and Viraj search for Vinayak. Vinayak asks Sai, who is baby with you? Sai says it’s my photo with my son. Pakhi comes there and calls him.

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