Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th March 2023 Written Update: Virat disappoints Pakhi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karishma saying Ashwini is wrong, even Sai is looking very beautiful. Bhavani says only Sai is looking beautiful and it’s a truth. Vinayak says no, my mom looks most beautiful and I gifted this saree to her. Savi says you gifted a sari to your mother as well? Even I have my mom thus sari as a gift. Savi reveals that Virat gave her the saree to give to Sai. First gets shocked. Pakhi looks at Virat in tears. Ninad calls everyone to start Holika Dahan.

Virat lights a bonfire with his kids then family members take rounds around the bonfire. Ladies discuss Virat doing a ritual with his current wife and ex-wife. They say Chavan’s holi won’t get ended without drama. Vinu leaves Virat’s hand and joins Pakhi. Everyone prays to the bonfire. Sai saree catches fire by mistake. Vinayak alerts Sai and saves her on time. Sai asks if he is fine. Vinu nods yes and goes to Pakhi.

Sonali says wow Vinu, you saved your dad’s gifted saree. Bhavani thinks everything is going as she wished and she prays to Bappa to do a miracle to reunite Sai and Virat.

The next day, Virat plays djembe. Everyone claps for him. Ashwini asks what’s the matter, why are you playing djembe today? Virat says this morning is special and today is Holi and let’s celebrate it in a rocking way. He asks everyone to get ready in 30m as everything is ready. Mohit says he will set the music setup. Sonali says no need as I arranged Dj. On another side, Ajay Kamble gets ready as Dj Kolte.

In the kitchen, Sonali says this year Virat is excited to play Holi. Bhavani indirectly says it’s for Sai. Ashwini says it’s for Savi and reminds Bhavani that Virat is the husband of Pakhi. Bhavani rebukes her. Pakhi applies lotion to Vinayak. She thinks Virat will apply color to her first.

Virat makes Savi get ready. Savi asks him to tell how he and Sai used to celebrate Holi. Virat tells how they celebrate Holi. Sai rebukes him. Virat asks Sai to join them for Holi celebrations. Sai refuses. Virat asks Sai to attend holi to reduce her differences with Vinayak. Pakhi looks on. Savi brings her pichkari and tells Sai that she is going to play Holi. Chavan’s family comes to the venue. Sai applies colour to Savi. Savi complains to Virat. Virat says they will take revenge on her with colour. He says let’s put colour on her. Savi agrees. He is going to apply color to Sai. Ashwini stops him and reminds him that a husband puts colours on his wife first and don’t forget Pakhi is your wife. She calls Pakhi. Savi asks Virat to put colour on her first. Pakhi comes there. Virat agrees. Savi asks her to catch him first. While trying to apply Savi, he puts color on Sai’s face. Pakhi feels bad. Sai asks Savi why she did it. Savi says don’t mind, its holi. Savi asks Sai to put colour on Virat’s face and clear your differences. Sai puts colour on Savi’s face and didn’t smear on Virat’s face. Savi asks her dad why she didn’t smear him with color. Virat says she will do it and it’s my promise. Pakhi is about to leave from the event. Vinayak stops her and says he will apply colour to her first. Pakhi feels happy when he applies colour to her. She hugs him happily. Sai sees them. Bhavani asks Sonali where is Dj. Sonali says they are coming. Ajay comes there as Dj. Police stop him but Sonali asks the police to allow the Dj. Ajay thinks he will hurt Sai by hurting her weak spot.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat hand cuffs Sai and says she is under arrest for not applying holi to her husband. Sai asks if he has gone mad.

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