Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th April 2021 Written Update: Devyani and Pulkit’s marriage ceremony begins.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The epsiode starts with Virat reaching Pulkit’s house. The neighbors tell him Pulkit’s dressing looked like he is going into marriage function. Virat inquires about Sangita to the neighbors and finds out they don’t know anything about her. Sonali tells we found Sangita’s letter burned in kitchen. Ninad tells Sai did this. Omkar tells she did this to burn the prove against Pulkit. Bhavani tells Sai did all this when we were playing Holi outside. Pulkit comes with his Baraat and music.

Devyani gets excited on seeing Pulkit on horse and dances in joy. Devyani tells my mother is not here so who will welcome Pulkit? She asks Sai to do it . Madhuri also tells this marriage is possible only due to you so you should welcome Pulkit. Virat tells the technician to find out last location of Sai’s phone.

Sai does Pulkit’s Aarti and welcomes him. She does the rituals as Pulkit’s mother-in-law. Pulkit gets emotional and touches Sai’s feet,he tells today you welcomed me like a mother-in-law so I am fulfiling my duty as a son-in-law. Madhuri tells your family and Virat should learn from you. Sai thinks what would happen if Virat reaches here. The technician tells Sai’s number was active 15 minutes ago in Pawni lodge.

Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage begin. Pulkit tells Devyani let us complete the rituals now. Panditji tells to exchange garlands. Devyani remembers her marriage in temple with Pulkit.Pulkit tells today we are marrying again so that no one can separate us,today our long wait is finally over. Pulkit and Devyani exchange garlands.

Sai prays to God for Devyani’s hapiness. Sai comes forward for Devyani’s kanyadaan. Bhavani tells Sai ran away with my daughter even after Virat telling her not to,she tells Pakhi to call Virat and ask if he found out where are Sai and Devyani. Sai fears Virat might be coming here anytime. Devyani tells Pulkit to stop when he is about to put mangalsutra around her neck. She gives the necklace Sai gave her and asks Pulkit to put it around her neck. Pulkit makes her wear the mangalsutra and puts sindoor on her forhead. Sai does Pulkit and Devyani’s gatbandhan and they start taking feras.

Sai prays to God that Virat shouldn’t reach here till the marriage is over. Virat reaches Pawni lodge and he gets a call from Pakhi. Virat tells Sai is in Pawni lodge,he tells he will call after stopping the marriage. Bhavani tells Virat won’t let this marriage happen at any cost. Pakhi tells what if the marriage is already over? Bhavani tells Ninad and Omkar to come with her. Pakhi tells Virat might have decided Sai’s punishment by now. The episode ends with Sai looking at Virat walking towards them.

Precap – In the next episode Bhavani will tell that history is going to repeat itself. Virat tells Pulkit that he is going to arrest him for the crime of manipulating a mental patient and marrying her against her family’s wishes but Sai comes in between Pulkit and Virat.

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