Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2023 Written Update: Pakhi requests Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi asking Vinayak if he knows where Hindi movies shoot and where Shahrukh khan stays. Vinayak says it’s Mumbai. Pakhi asks if he likes to shift to Mumbai as it has Mumbai too.
Vinayak feels excited and says I know Dad is transferred to Mumbai so our family will shift there along with Sai and Savi. Pakhi says only we are 3 are shifting and our family stays here. Vinayak says Sai aunty says there is no happiness without family. Virat comes there and says correct. Pakhi sends Vinayak to get ready. Virat tells Pakhi he doesn’t want to miss his family and savi. Then she tells Virat that she can’t live in fear that she may lose Vinayak to Sai so please accept the promotion thinking about me and Vinayak. She leaves. The inner self of Virat tells him Pakhi is correct too and he questions himself if he misses Savi or Sai too.

At school, the Principal thanks Sai for coming for their help. Sai says she will wait for her kids Vinayak and Savi. The Principal says Pakhi sends a request to not let anyone meet Vinayak except his parents and doesn’t know why she is doing it this way. Sai thinks he knows why she is doing it.

Bhavani unpacks Vinayak’s luggage. Ashwini asks her why she is doing it and asks her to wait until Pakhi comes. Bhavani says she can’t wait for anyone. Sonali mocks Pakhi’s fear. Ashwini asks Sonali to stop mocking Pakhi’s fear. Ninad says it’s good if Virat accepts his promotion for his career. Bhavani says she can’t live without seeing Vinayak and questions won’t they miss him. Ashwini says we consider Vinayak as grandson from the start unlike you. Bhavani says she doesn’t know about it but tries to remove fear from Pakhi’s heart as I won’t let Vinayak leave from here. Sonali says the first time Sai and Bhavani are on one side. Bhavani scolds her to never unite her name with Sai and now also she may be doing something.

At school, Pakhi fears why Vinayak doesn’t come inside. Pakhi enters inside and questions the Principal about where is Vinayak. The Principal tells her there are extra classes for Vinayak and we will leave him home so you can leave. Pakhi says she will wait.

Sai goes to Vinayak and Savi’s classroom and tells the kids that she is going to take their extra classes as their teacher went on leave. Savi says she will call her Teacher Aayi. Vinayak says he will call her teacher aunty. Sai says she will reveal the truth to Vinayak today itself. Virat calls Pakhi and asks why she didn’t go home. Pakhi says Virat is having extra classes so I’m waiting here and glad Sai didn’t come here. Virat says he is coming and will drop Savi at home. Viraj feels sorry for not clearing the differences between him and Sai. Sai asks the kids if they know when is mothers day. Vinayak says he knows it and tells the date. Sai says correct and asks how he knows it. Vinayak says I know it as I gift to my mom every year. Savi says she never gives to her mom. Vinayak says they can give her next year. Sai says animals celebrate mothers day every day and she takes Kida opinion. After the class, Sai asks Vinayak to wait and says she has a work with him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vinayak will ask Sai why have we come to the terrace. Sai says we can talk hear peacefully. Sai says I want to tell you about a miracle and that miracle is related to your and my life but before that, I want to show you something.

Pakhi and Viraj search for Vinayak. Vinayak asks Sai, who is baby with you? Sai says it’s my photo with my son. Pakhi comes there and calls Vinayak.

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