Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th April 2021 Written Update: Virat stops Devyani and Pulkit’s marriage.


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Devyani and Pulkit taking feras. Madhuri thanks Sai for getting Devyani and Madhuri. Virat enters just before the last fera and tells this marriage won’t happen because it is unlawful. Sai tells how can you say this marriage is unlawful? Virat tells Sai you know everything,first you didn’t pick up my call and then you turned of you phone. Virat tells I clearly told you not to do this,he tells I will talk with you later,first I will deal with this fraud. Sai tries to explain to Virat but he stops her. Devyani tells Virat that Pulkit loves me a lot and look what all he has done for me. Virat tells Pulkit is already married. Pulkit tells my marriage happened earlier also with Devyani Chavan. She is the only one in my life,I married Devyani ten years ago in temple and today I am marrying her in front of everyone because I am no longer afraid.

Bhavani tells today history will repeat itself. Virat asks Bhavani why did she come here? Bhavani tells Virat you are here as a police officer but we are here for our daughter. Devyani tells you are liar and you never think about my well-being. She tells Sai brought me here for my hapiness,she tells I have waited for so many years for this day and today I am standing with my husband only because of Sai. Devyani asks Virat doesn’t he want to see his sister happy? Virat tells I want you to be happy so I came here to arrest this fraud. Devyani tells Virat you don’t know anything and starts crying. Virat tells I can never see tears in your eyes nor let you fall in trouble. He tells Pulkit wants to take revenge from our family by using you.

Devyani asks why should I go to that house where no one cares about my hapiness? They leave me alone and lock me inside the room and give me wrong medicine. Devyani tells I will stay with my husband. Sai tells Bhavani they are getting the chance to rectify their mistake so they should give their blessings to Devyani and Pulkit. Virat tells I will punish you for whatever you did with my sister but first I will arrest Doctor Pulkit for doing second marriage with a mentally ill girl. Pulkit tells I never did any crime,I am a honest person and I loved Devyani truly so I called everyone because I want to show them that I and Devyani are one.

Virat tells now I understood how you convinced my wife Sai. He tells I will charge you for using a mentally ill girl. Pulkit tells Virat you know about law but I know about medicine and I can prove Devyani is not mentally weak. The medicine that were being given to Devyani are wrong so I told Sai to stop giving those medicines. One man tells Pulkit is a very good doctor and he can never be a fraud. Pulkit asks Virat what prove do you have against me? Virat shows Pulkit the document which mentions his wife’s name as Sangita Deshpande. Devyani asks Sai is this true? Did Pulkit marry someone other than me?

Sai tells Pulkit is telling the truth and the truth will come out now. Madhuri tells all this allegations against my brother are false. Bhavani tells you are a allegation on brother and sister’s relation. Pulkit tells Bhavani how dare she question his relation with Madhuri like this? Virat asks Bhavani to let him do his work and not speak in between. Virat tells Pulkit you are under arrest and the episode ends with Sai coming in between Pulkit and Virat.

Precap – In the upcoming episode Bhavani tries to seperate Pulkit from Devyani but Devyani pushes her away. Virat tells Pulkit that till he cannot prove himself inncoent his marriage won’t happen. Sai,Madhuri and other guests form a human chain around Pulkit and Devyani and tells Panditji to start reading the mantras as the last fera will take place now.

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