Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th August 2022 Written Update: Chavans celebrates Rakshabandhan


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chavans celebrating the Rakshabandhan festival. Shivani ties the rakhi to Omkar and Ninad. She then takes gifts from them. Whereas, Sai gets elated seeing everyone happy. Meanwhile, Devyani also ties rakhi to Mohit and Virat. She gets sad remembering Samrat, while Virat notices it and comforts her. He confronts that she is upset because she is missing Samrat, while everyone gets emotional. Sai comes forward carrying her son Vinayak and starts narrating him about Samrat. She makes him see the picture of Samrat and tells that he had two relations with Vinayak.

Here, Sai states that Samrat always wanted his family to be happy and he would have been upset if he sees them sad because of him. She cheers them up and Devyani smiles. She then ties a rakhi to Vinayak also, while Virat gives her the gift. She demands for another gift and ask if she can carry the baby?

Sai immediately gives Vinayak to Devyani while the latter gets excited. Everyone gets happy seeing the moment, while at that time some transgenders comes there to bless the baby. Bhavani says that she will give several gifts and money to them, if they will bless her grandchild.

Elsewhere, Transgenders praises Bhavani for her big heart and blesses the baby. They compliments him and says that he will bring prosperity. They then ask for baby’s mother, while Sai and Pakhi both takes their name. Transgenders gets confused, while Ashwini comes forward and says that Sai is the real mother.

Virat proclaims that Sai is the mother of the baby, while Pakhi is the one who has given birth to it. The transgenders blesses both Sai and Pakhi and then ask the latter to go aside, so they can bless Virat along with Sai and the baby. Pakhi feels hurt and goes inside the room. Whereas, Bhavani gives lots of gifts to the transgenders.

Ahead, Sai takes Vinayak towards Pakhi’s room and sees her trying to suicide. She gets shocked and tries to go inside but the room was locked. She calls for the family, while everyone rushes there and gets stunned. Everyone tries to stop Pakhi but she doesn’t pay attention to them. Virat somehow goes inside and saves her life, while she cries and says that she is lonely and insists them to let her die.

Everyone tries to make Pakhi understand that they all are with her and calls the doctor. The latter insists Chavans to look after Pakhi as she is suffering from post pregnancy trauma and ask them to give her a reason to live. Chavans gets worried for Pakhi and shows sympathy towards her.

Further, Sai gets suspicious about Pakhi’s action and think about her motive behind it. Mansi insists Sai and Virat to let Pakhi raise their baby, but they denies. Karishma also recalls Pakhi’s words that she is agin alone after the birth of Vinayak. Ashwini and Sai along with Virat stands against it, while Bhavani and others have sympathy for Pakhi and states that she have done a lot for Sai and Virat. At that time Pakhi comes there, while Sai decides her plan that she is trying to steal her baby.

Precap:- Sai accuses Pakhi for being her surrogate illegally and gets her arrested. She also declares that the latter tried to steal her baby and ask the police officers to put Pakhi inside the jail. The Chavans gets shocked by her decision while the police takes Pakhi away from the house. Virat takes a stand for Pakhi and tries to stop Sai. He insists her to take back the complaint, but she gives a warning to him as well as others and ask them not to save Pakhi. She threatens that if anyone comes try to help Pakhi then she will take strict actions against them also.

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