Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin | GHKPM 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Sai and Pakhi’s face off


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai threatening Pakhi to follow her advices. She proclaims that Pakhi is carrying her and Virat’s child and should have to follow her commands in order to protect the baby. Whereas, Pakhi gets furious at Sai and denies to follow her rules. She declares that she will do what she feels is right and won’t take any order from Sai. They both gets into an argument, while Chavans tries to stop them. Karishma and Sonali enjoys the drama, while Ashwini comes in between them and tries to make them stop.

Here, Ashwini says that anger is not good for the baby and ask Pakhi to calm down. Whereas, Sai gives water to her and ask to relax. She proclaims that they all know about the complications of Pakhi’s pregnancy and declares that she have all the rights to look after her baby. She stays firm on her decision and says that she won’t stop advising Pakhi till she gives birth.

Pakhi gets frustrated and decides to call Virat. She says that he told her to call him whenever she needs help. She decides to tell him about the ride behaviour of Sai towards her, while others tries to stop her. Sai says that he must be busy in an important meeting and prohibits Pakhi to call him, but she keeps trying to connect the call to Virat.

Elsewhere, Harish praises Virat for his bravery and says that he have made them proud. He appreciates Virat’s courage, while suddenly his phone starts vibrating. He cuts the call but Pakhi keeps ringing him. Harish scolds him for not switching off his phone and declares that he is disappointed with him in their first meeting itself. He advice Virat to keep his personal life aside.

Virat worries about Pakhi’s health and keeps thinking about the baby. Where, he also apologises to Harish and decides to go back to his house. Meanwhile, Chavans tries to stop the argument between Sai and Pakhi but gets unsuccessful. Devyani scolds Pakhi for shouting at Sai, while Sonali also ask them to stop stating that it isn’t good for the baby.

Ahead, Virat comes there and scolds both Sai and Pakhi. He faces the latter while she complains about Sai to him. He rebukes her and reminds that she is carrying their child and ask her to behave properly with Sai. She tells about the order Sai was passing to her, while he faces his wife and scolds her for misbehaving with Pakhi.

Virat reminds Sai that she wanted to look after Pakhi but couldn’t able to make her understand. She tries to explain her perspective but he ask her not to give orders to Pakhi as she is the one carrying their child. Ashwini takes them towards the god’s idol and takes a promise from them to stay calm for the baby.

Further, Sai complains about Pakhi to Virat and shows her suspicion towards her, while he gets irked by her and ask Sai to relax. Whereas, Ashwini also makes Sai understand and the latter prepares breakfast for Pakhi. She then sees the latter coming downstairs hurridly and scolds her for not caring about the baby. She advice Pakhi to shift her room downstairs, while they agains starts an argument. At that time Bhavani comes there and everyone gets elated upon seeing her.

Precap:- Virat gets a lead for his new mission and tells that they will have to raid the place where the false notes were printed. At that time Sai comes there and gives him water. He takes it from her and apologises to her for being harsh towards her. Whereas, they both looks at one another.

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