Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin | GHKPM 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Virat apologises to Sai for his rude behaviour


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai scolding Pakhi for descending the stairs carelessly. She orders the latter to shift her room to downstairs, while Pakhi gets furious at Sai and declares that she won’t follow her commands. Everyone gathers around them, while they again starts arguing. Devyani scolds Pakhi and takes a stand for Sai, whereas she states that she is saying it only to keep the baby safe. She notify everyone about Pakhi’s mistake and proclaims that she don’t want to take any risk with her baby. Whereas, Sonali whispers that they will create a huge drama and ask Karishma to enjoy it along with her.

Here, Sai stays adamant on her decision and forces Pakhi to follow her advice. But, the latter denies and ask Sai not to interfere in her life. Meanwhile, at that time Bhavani comes there and everyone gets elated seeing her back. They all goes towards her and welcomes her inside the house.

Bhavani ask about the matter to which Sai apprises about Pakhi’s mistake. The latter takes a stand for herself and says that Sai is continuously torturing her. She complains about Sai to Bhavani, whereas the latter says that Pakhi won’t follow any order of Sai. She proclaims that Pakhi is not Sai’s servant and ask latter to behave nicely with her.

Elsewhere, Bhavani taunts Sai and ask her to be grateful of Pakhi that she is carrying her child. Sonali also interferes and shows her fake concern towards Pakhi. She supports Pakhi and goes against Sai, while Karishma smirks knowing about Sonali’s intentions.

Sai confronts Bhavani and tells her about the complications of Pakhi’s pregnancy. The latter gets shocked and looses her strength. She was about to fall when others holds her. She gets sentimental and confronts Pakhi for hiding the truth, to which latter replies that she doesn’t wanted to trouble them anymore.

Ahead, Sai declares that she is just trying to protect her unborn baby. She shows her emotions attached to the baby and proclaims that she can do anything for it. Whereas, Bhavani supports Sai and declares that she is right. She ask Pakhi to follow Sai’s suggestions and ask the latter to look after Pakhi.

Pakhi tells that she have lots of memories attached to Samrat in their room and says that she doesn’t want to shift downstairs. Sai replies that memories stays with a person and assures to move all the pictures and other related things to the new room of Pakhi. The latter gets frustrated with Sai but couldn’t able to do anything.

Further, Virat apologises to Sai for his rude behaviour while she forgives him. They both enjoys their quality time, while Pakhi calls him and complains about Sai. He also takes a stand for his wife, while she gets irked. She then reminds him about his promise and ask to take her to icecream parlour. He agrees to her demand, while she gets ready and opens the door for him but gets shocked seeing Sai. The latter prohibits Pakhi from going out and gives icecream to her.

Precap:- Pakhi holds her baby bumb and keeps staring at it. Meanwhile, Sai comes there and gives a document to her. She ask Pakhi to sign it and proclaims that she won’t have any rights on the baby after she delievers it. Everyone gets shocked, while Bhavani comes in between them and takes the document to tear it.

She scolds Sai for bringing it up, but Pakhi stops her and agrees to sign on it. She keeps a condition and ask Sai to take Bhavani, Ashwini and others signature on the document before her, including Virat and after that only she will sign it. Whereas, Sai gets shocked and looks at Pakhi.

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